Mobility scooters in vegas

Does anyone have tips/experince putting a mobility scooter in a taxi in las vegas?

Lots of taxis that can accommodate wheelchairs in Vegas. Any hotel or casino taxi stand will hail one for you.

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And if you call for a taxi by phone, just specify that you want a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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Does it not come apart as mine does. My husband just disassembles it and puts each piece in the trunk. Then reassembles it when we arrive at our destinations

Does your scooter disassemble? Or is it a foldable? Either way let them know itโ€™s the same weight as a suitcase and you shouldnโ€™t have any issues. Depending on the size of your scooter/other travel item such as suitcase or people, most taxis can accommodate them in the trunk.

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I was in Vegas last August and used a mobility scooter. Although they advertised a lot of w/c taxis, I was only able to get one over the course of my 4 day stay. I had the cab stand call for accessible cabs and the wait for one was usually more than an hour. I ended up traveling on the sidewalks the other times we were out.

It probably depends on the scooter. My Travel Scoot weighs 35# and also folds easily. I have been in a few taxis with it .

@hollybandidoscorp - Las Vegas is one of our Top 30 US Cities. We have city guides and accessibility resources for the city. You can access them here. If you scroll at the link, you will see transportation providers. Please note, we do not have any affiliation with these companies.