Mobility Scooters (planes and trains)

From a community member:

What mobility scooters are allowed on planes and Amtrak?

Depends on what you mean — but generally “yes”. I use a power wheelchair, and have traveled a good deal on planes with it, and pretty confident the scooter would be treated exactly the same (of course same risk of them trashing it as well). By “on” planes, I mean that it’ll travel in the luggage compartment, although if you need to you can get up the jetway to the airplane door (uusually).

I’m anxious to check out trains – I’ve done local commuter rail in NYC (PATH) and San Francisco (BART, Cal Train and Muni). I have looked at Amtrak and they do have programs for folks traveling on mobility aids – but it takes some planning (I scrapped a trip from Seattle to San Francisco realizing I hadn’t booked far enough in advance to work out all of the particulars). Very, very interested in hearing more from other folks re actual Amtrak experiences – I’d love to go from Vancouver to Montreal of it’d be comfortable and reasonably inclusive.

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Amtrak allows scooters. It can be tight to turn corners getting in the doors. You have the option to stay in your scooter or sit in a seat. The price will reflect the option.

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A scooter will need to be stored in the cargo area of a plane but you can use it right up to the door of the plane. Make sure you know what type of batteries it has because that does make a difference.
Amtrak will allow you to use your scooter for the entire trip but only certain cars are “wheelchair accessible”. They usually are towards the front of the train and are marked by the universal access symbol. Usually the accessible cars have half of the seats removed in the front to make room for an accessible bathroom and space to tie down wheelchairs and scooters. You could also transfer to the first row of seats as well if you don’t want to ride in your wheelchair/scooter.

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