Moving to Anchorage, how accessible is the town

I was recently diagnosed with ALS, so the last time I was in Alaska, accessibility wasn’t on my mind. Just how disability-friendly is Anchorage? I use a walker exclusively.

What time of year would you be going to Anchorage? I was there in early September years back and was using a seated wheeled walker with no issues but if it was in winter time not to sure about getting around. The sidewalks, restaurants, businesses and hotels were handicap friendly like any other US city.

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thank you so much. It will be late September. I lived in smaller cities (Fairbanks, Bethel) but that was pre diagnosis m

Good luck and late September you might have to deal with snow or slush possibly.


I use a manual wheelchair. Was in Anchorage in September. Fairly easy to get around. Landscape is flat. Commercial buildings were accessible; although on occasion I had to find the “right” entrance.


Hi Derek, it’s Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum Moderator’s. Alaska huh? Wow, I dare ask what is provoking the move up there? (Just out of curiosity). My parents use to love to visit up there on the summer cruises, but unfortunately I never went with them and have not been myself. However, I have been searching for quite awhile to try and find you some info about how Accessible Anchorage currently is.

I wish I could say I found you lots of info, but I was only able to find you one website that talks about some activities and transportation that is accessible in Anchorage. They do provide an amazing list of accessible transportation options in Alaska from this page. (If you can’t open, let me know and will copy and paste the PDF for you here).

On a bright note, from all the reviews I read from summer and cruise visitors with disabilities who visited Anchorage; they didn’t seem to have any problems in the downtown area. It may help that most things in Anchorage were built after ADA became law, so they were required to be built with that in mind. Just warnings about getting around in the winter. But hopefully you have your own vehicle or can utilize one of the transportation systems they have? Thankfully a walker is to work with for most taxi’s and transport.

I promise to keep an eye out if can come across anything else. Hoping some of our Alaska Forum members catch this post and share some more with us. I do apologize, usually I am much better with finding this kind of info; you gave me a real challenge on this one. (Safe to understand now why Alaska is never on a list of best places to live with disabilities).

Hang in there, hopefully we will be able to get you more info before the move.
Wishing you a peaceful and easy move; I know how stressful that can be.

Talk to you soon,
Pinky :fairy:

PS. I came across a great Accessible builder while looking in case you need for adapting your new home; or finding a new home.

Thank you so much Pinky,

I worked in Alaska twice pre disability so I kinda know the lay of the land pre diagnosis. Motivation is to remove myself from family (too personal) + I love fishing, hunting trips, etc.

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Hey Derek,
I was in the process of adding something else when you sent your message and I wasn’t sure if you saw it. But in case you need, I found someone who can do ADA adaptions or build homes, etc… Accessible Homes Inc.. Glad to hear you know the area a bit already, makes me feel a little better about not being able to help as much. Sounds like you have a good reason for going (I totally get that desire with family); and have plenty of ways to keep busy up there. Maybe you can come back to the Forum and share what type of Accessible activities you find once you move ? That would be so helpful in case someone else has the same questions about moving or visiting.

Have a safe move and look forward to hearing about your new adventure,
Pinky :fairy:

I have lived in Anchorage for 39 years and my son (32 next month) is totally disabled. He is in a wheelchair, and I am willing to answer any questions you have.
Accessible Homes is a great company as they just did a home mod for the new lift we got this past summer.
We have our favorite businesses and our not so favorite.


I’m sure I’ll have a myriad of questions once I touch down.

Hi Darilyn,
Thank you so much for your help with this. I was really struggling to gather information in Anchorage. Didn’t want to believe that it didn’t exist; just not spoken about on the web? (I am at a disadvantage not being on social media; so I can’t look up local groups that may exist).
I also appreciate the positive feedback on Accessible Homes as I wasn’t sure on if they were a good company or not; just that they were there and seemed to know what they are doing (or pick out photos for the website that show they know…lol).
Looking forward to learning about anything you and Derek can share with us about Anchorage’s Accessible Scene. We all appreciate your wisdom.

Thank you again,

(See Derek…I had a funny feeling we might have a user there who could help us out.) :hugs:

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