Nashville Hotel Review

I got to Nashville in a “dither” but the hotel I stayed at made things so much better. First my luggage was lost on the airline. The front desk had T shirts for sale, and they rummaged around in boxes until they found my size. Then they found me free toiletries. I stayed 3 days at SpringHill Suites on Athens way. The accessible room I stayed in had a lot going for it. The cab I had reserved for my business meeting the next day did not show up. The desk helped me look up another company.
It was not all perfect but every time I ran into a problem the staff were willing to assist. The beds were the right height for my wheelchair. If I had needed a lift, it would have fit under the bed. The bathroom with the exception of the shower was easily accessible. The shower was in a tub, but the tub height did allow me to slide from my chair to the edge of the tub where I could use the handheld shower and bathe. The downside, the coffee table in front of the couch made it difficult to maneuver but the staff moved it for me. The free breakfast was so-so but there were scrambled eggs and sausage. The pool was closed for remodel, but they did have a wheelchair lift. This is not a luxury hotel, but I was certainly treated as well as I have been in luxury hotels.

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It’s great to hear the staff were helpful.

Thank you for the clear and informative review! You covered the questions we all have!

Thanks for the information. Most of the Nashville people will do whatever we can to welcome you. Sorry you lost your luggage but happy the hotel tried to help.

The problem with the tub is one I, too, have found more often that I like!

Hope you will come back to Nashville on vacation and enjoy many of the activities you did not have time to see/go to when you were here! A large number of places have become more handicapped friendly in the last few years. Our family goes a number of places that I thought I would not be able to go to anymore.

Hi @sylvia1345! Thanks for reporting back on your experience. Losing luggage is always the WORST. I’ve started only carrying on when I can since I have lost trust of the airlines on that piece…

How lovely that the staff was incredible. It really makes all of the difference, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t love nice people? Ha. Free breakfast is always so-so in my opinion as well…

Thanks again for your review! This is what accessibleGO is all about - getting the community the non-Google-able answers from other disabled folks, and sharing our experiences, the good, bad, and ugly. :slight_smile: