National Parks Tours + Scooter Rentals in Tacoma

From a community member:

I plan to visit Tacoma, WA this fall. I will be staying with my family, but I will need a scooter. I am looking for rental companies. I also want to travel to the National Parks including Yosemite and Yellowstone. I am interested in tours that are accessible. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Check with Scootaround. They are the go to for rental scooters. We used them in Seattle and had a good experience.

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Well… I was hoping this was going to be an easy answer, but I’m guessing Tacoma has lost a handful of rental places during the last few years. A lot of medical supply rental and sales businesses didn’t survive without getting any new referrals the whole pandemic. Prior, they were everywhere.

I had a couple places for you to try:

(And this one is a longshot…)
In Case you don’t need a full mobility scooter and could get by with an e-scooter? The City of Tacoma has launched a shared scooter program in partnership with Razor scooters (including a sit-down model). Wasn’t sure if this would be more convenient for you?

I’m also in agreement with “redd4lfe1”; Scootaround seems to be everywhere now and in larger cities (especially ones that are also cruise ports… like Seattle). They even rent the Whill scooters in some locations.

I will keep trying but wanted to get you these ASAP in case you needed right away. Hang in there… there are defiantly more equipment rental places in the surrounding cities that may deliver to Tacoma too if none of this works you?

Sending you all positive travel vibes… :magic_wand:

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