Need ideas to avoid lifting and pushing manual wheelchair


I struggle with fatigue. I have to lift out the wheelchair, push my husband in his wheelchair, and it wears me down so quickly that I dread going on vacation. Most tourist spots are for people without disabilities.

Any ideas?



We’re in the middle of therapy so vacations aren’t practical for my family and worrying about accessibility is new for us, but I just Google most accessible cruises and there are articles about the best ships and destinations. I have been on a number of cruises and the whole part of getting the wheelchair in and out of the car is avoided.



Go on a cruise. You can rent scooters to be used on the ship. Elevators are sometimes in odd spots, but you can go almost everywhere. sometimes during busy times you might have to wait for a second or third elevator to stop that has room for you, but if that’s the worst, that isn’t so bad. Porters will take him in his wheelchair up the gangway, and down. Most ports have some activity accessible, but I can be really happy reading a book in the shade and watching the ocean. There are all sorts of games. Gambling. Comedy club. On the Carnival Glory, (recently) I don’t think there was a way to get up to deck 14 up by the funnel. The only thing up there is putt putt and basketball, and sometimes the poopie box for service dogs. I am taking my SD with me in January. i hope we can negotiate a spot that doesn’t require a bunch of stairs for me! I am an introvert. I do cruising now after breaking my back in three places. I am mobile but slow and sometimes cranky. There is a whole page of info on people with special needs on the carnival page. I asked for a light that would flash when someone knocks on my door. I also need comfort station for the SD. All of your requests will be about mobility. If you really search times and ports you can find pretty good deals. I have a personal vacation planner I like a lot because he helps me with my disability issues and is gracious about it it. PM me if interested in more info. I don’t gain anything out of the referal or anything.


Any chance you could purchase a power chair for your husband. I know that they are an expense, but there are many sources for financial aid. Is your husband a Veteran? Do you use a manual wheelchair also?


The problem with a powerchair is they are REALLY heavy and then you need an accessible van to haul the chair around. I have a powerchair, and getting it meant getting rid of my mid-size car and purchasing a accessible van. The vans are very expensive even used and the less expensive ones most often dont come with power ramps so pivioting the ramp may not be something you will enjoy doing. I would suggest looking at a Mobility Van dealer as they have well trained staff to help you make an informed decision