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New Accessible Resort in St. Maarten / Sint Maarten

The New Premier Caribbean Hotel for Wheelchair Accessible Travelers has now opened in St. Maarten The Morgan Resort & Spa - St Maarten Luxury Resort
My husband and I were lucky enough to get to be the very first wheelchair guests at the new Morgan Hotel this past May and we were in love at first sight. From the moment you arrive at the property you know you have arrived somewhere very special as you pass through two sets of gates and guard houses before reaching the glamorous front of the hotel; where the amazingly friendly valet/door-people will help you out of your vehicle. Whether it’s helping to assemble back your manual wheelchair or safely unloading a power wheelchair, the staff was obviously trained well as to how to best assist us wheeled travelers. (They will even help carry every last piece of equipment you may have traveled with; and we brought a lot)
As you enter the glamorous but modestly sized lobby, you can’t help but take your eyes off of the giant, gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the ocean that’s just on the other side of the lobby(*Will come back to the pool in a sec). The amazing front desk staff and concierge will not only help you get checked in, but will personally escort you to your room to help orient you with the hotel amenities and make sure you have everything you need while settling in (ask for Arielle; she’s phenomenal). After taking some time to explore the giant accessible room and attached living room, I noticed how they remembered all the little details that are most important to us accessible travelers: lowered closets, electrical controls all within reach, access to the entire room; accessible bathroom with roll under sink, safety toilet (with good amount of grab bars), roll-in shower (flip down benches on order to replace shower chairs); handheld+waterfall shower heads; as well as having the coffee machine, safe and fridge within reachable zone.
Honestly I was blown away by how much they got right with the room; especially after staying at some insane nightmare hotels in the caribbean that claimed to be accessible prior to booking the room. Whoever designed this hotel really took the time to plan out what was needed for their 9 (yes I said 9) accessible rooms and oceanfront suites. What impressed me even more, was the General Manager (Saul) took the time to sit down with us to get some feedback about how we were finding the accessible features of the hotel; and took the time to walk around the property and room with us and his builder to see what else could be improved on as they were finishing up the property. (Which was not much at all. Just some little stuff like a lower peep hole for the door, changing the bathroom door handle to add a few inches of entry area and changing from shower seats to benches for safety).
Just like many hotels where we try to give some critical feedback on the accessibility of the property, they could have just humored us and pretended to care; but no, not these folks. They truly seem to be concerned about making the changes ASAP so that ALL guests get the chance to enjoy their property equally. That’s not something you find often in any hotel; let alone a hotel in the Carribean. They even are ordering some beach wheelchairs to use for the pool and maybe even the neighboring beaches. (They can even rent you a beach wheelchair from a local company to be able to take to the other beaches on the island who will bring the chair right to you at that beach and come back at the end of the day for it).
Now speaking of their fabulous pool. Never in my life have I seen such a large pool with zero-degree entry going around the entire sides of this football field sized pool. (There is a regular entry point of the pool too if that’s easier). You’ll never want to get out of this pool and you probably won’t need to since the fantastic pool staff bring you anything you need and the bar in the water will fulfill all your cocktail and food fantasies. What I loved was the fact they had these soft pool chairs surrounding the pool (1’ away) that I could easily pull myself out of the water and right into the chair from. The only negative I will say about any of this is the fact that they put the hot tub in the middle of the pool with no other entry point and you have to go up stairs and down stairs to switch bodies of water. There also is a really cool swim in a cave in the corner with a built in waterslide; but no way to get to the top of the slide if your legs don’t work (not that my spine Dr. would appreciate me trying slides…lol).
If you can drag yourself away from the pool, you must try the restaurant and bar. Chef David will BLOW YOUR MIND with his food. He hit it out of the park on his first try with the opening menu for the hotel. My spouse couldn’t stop raving about the Lobster and the Seafood Paella and I was obsessed with the vegetarian items on the menu; especially the Empanadas (They even serve an Impossible burger; which is so hard to find in St. Maarten). Every single thing we tried for breakfast was delicious and will fill you up well for your busy day on the island. Try the fruit and bread platter if you can or the pancakes will have you licking the plate. Or if you don;t feel like dining, try out the bar and let the Bartender Nigel make you one of his enticing cocktails (let alone he’s the nicest guy to talk to on the island).
I wish I could list every single person who went out of their way to take care of our every need at the hotel; but it would add an entire page to this review. Let’s just say I can’t say one negative thing about any of the employees at the hotel. They all made us feel so welcome and treated us as if we were visiting their own home. Leaving was the most difficult part of our entire visit at the hotel. We spent two life changing weeks at the Morgan and tried out every aspect of that resort and they passed every test we threw at them. There are very few hotels I have ever fallen in love with, but this one definitely moved into my heart for life and I can’t wait to return. (Or move to the island… that is how much they made us fall in love with St. Maarten here) Please trust me, you won’t be disappointed and you’ve never enjoyed yourself more on vacation till you stay here. (You don’t even have to have a wheelchair to have as good of a time as us).

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Where can we find a website for this resort? I can’t find it on Google, Trip Advisor, other sites. Do they have rooms that are somewhat less accessible also, like no steps, handicapped bathrooms?
Thank you.


Hi Susan,
How silly of me to forget the link. I just edited it and added, but to make it easier to find: The Morgan Resort & Spa - St Maarten Luxury Resort . Yes, they have a full mix of rooms at the resort; accessible and less accessible. The accessible rooms are for wheelchair accessibility only; as they still need some more equipment to classify them for hearing accessible too. They did a good job to add ramp everywhere, so there wasn’t any area out of my reach when I stayed. 1 warning, the ramp to pool still is a little steep; so if you have someone who can assist, I would recommend (and the staff is so friendly to help too). If you have a power chair your set. I was a bit crazy and took my manual chair for the trip and still exhausted from it.
Bathrooms are fully accessible. We did speak to the owner and G.M. while we were there on how they could tweek the bathrooms to make even better. So as of right now, they have temporarily provided shower-commode chairs for the roll in showers while the flip down benches are on order (takes a while to get shipments down there). They originally had just put shower seats in the showers, but had never correlated that they didn’t leave a way for anyone to transfer from thier own chair and onto the wobbly shower seats (that faced the wrong way to enter too). We were lucky enough to catch them as the developer was finishing the last few accessible rooms and walked them through everything needed to get room up to ADA levels.
Oh… I did want to mention one thing about the wheelchair bathrooms on the main level for public access areas. Not wheelchair accessible… However, they have a room right off the lobby that should have been an hotel room, but now provided an accessible bathroom. Otherwise you have to go back to your room.
If you have never been to St. Maarten before, I do want to warn that there are only a handful of public wheelchair accessible bathrooms on the islands. Mostly I found at the resort hotels, larger-modern restaurants, and handful of businesses on the French side of the island. Your gonna run into that everywhere in the Carib though. The only group that seems to look after their disabled community is the French. (Oddly St. Barths had them everywhere, but we were only there for a day.) I hope that helps? If you need any help with asking the hotel anything, ask for Saul; the manager and nicest guy.

Thanks so much for this valuable information. I have bookmarked the website! Sounds like a great place.


Wow! Thank you Russell for this awesome review, this will help so many people! Sounds like an amazing experience. Do you have any pics to share?

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Hi Miriam,
Thank you for reminding me about photos. So sorry I forgot about that too. I’m so not used to writing reviews when I travel, but was so impressed by this place that I had to share with as many folks as I could. Usually I only get to see St. Maarten from a cruise ship; so to have a place I felt safe to stay was everything to me. I went back and posted a photo, but since I am a new user; it only allows me 1 for now. If the listing shows up on the website, I will go back and add photos of the accessible room features to help people too.
Thank you for having this site for us. We need to be there for each other if we want to navigate this planet on the same level and you have helped us achieve that.

Be well and stay safe,

…(ok next review…website and photos…hehehe)

Thank you so much for the link and more information. I use a scooter outside at home and traveling. Recently I’m using a rollater, trying to build stamina and strength. My balance is unlikely to improve.:frowning:
The resort sounds fantastic for a vacation, for disabled or not.
I was in St. Maarten years ago when walking wasn’t an issue, and remember all the narrow doorways and steps everywhere, as is the case with old buildings.
Again, thanks for your posting. I hope you’ll add more as you travel

Hi Susan.
My pleasure. I really hope you get back there soon; it truly was paradise on that island. If you need, there is a new medical supply rental company that opened on the island and they have scooters for rent? If your going to be going all over the island and have someone who can lift it in and out of a rental car, I say just get one so you have and don’t loose out on any time of your vacation; just because your too worn out walking for the day (unless your back to not needing anymore).
I rent them when I take cruises because not only are the ships wayyyyyyyy to big now to get around in the manual chair, but its so helpful on the islands (that have sidewalks) to get around and deal with the hills.
Let me know if you think your headed down and I can dig you up that rental company info. They have all sorts of stuff too that you can rent; including beach wheelchairs you can take with you all over the island. (The hotel will have one, but just for their pool or next door beach)

Have a fabulous summer and go travel somewhere if you can. Life is to short.

I agree with you about ships and scooters. We have done that several times. I’ve taken my own before, but my new one is too heavy for us to handle. It has a bigger heavier main piece. I’m happy to hear that there is a rental company opening on the island. I hope it’s more reasonable than Scootaround, which varies wildly, depending on the destination. For the cost of 2 rentals for a cruise starting in Italy we could have bought one. I hope we’ll be able to go to St. Maarten soon, but we need to save up for it. Retired, Social Security…
Happy travels,