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Hello I’m new to the site. I have MS and have stability issues, and it’s so hard to feel comfortable being around others who walk normal. I really wish I was like I used to be before I was DX. Thanx for having me!

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Welcome, I was recently diagnosed with ALS so I understand your sentiments. I have found a very welcoming, and intelligent bunch. I hope you do to.

Welcome lionessaugust! I understand how you feel. I’ve been in a wheelchair since May and find it hard to enjoy my time left on earth while everyone walks freely. I too wish I could be back to normal. It’s like I can’t wake up from this terrible nightmare.

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I understand your situation and here is how I deal with it.The first thing to do is understand you can not be spontaneous any longer. Plan where you are going and do not put yourself in situations where you are compromised. See your boundaries and live your life to the best of your ability

Welcome! This site is very helpful at making me feel like Im not trying to navigate through all of the accessibility issues by myself.My husband is a new wheelchair user and so Im a new caregiver, trying to find some fun things we can do together.

Hi @lionessaugst! Welcome to our community! We are very happy to have you. The founder’s mother had MS and was the inspiration behind accessibleGO. You can read the story here.

I’m new too and have ms. Wheelchair, wheelie walker, transport chair are all at arms distance for me. Hopefully this site will help me get out into the world.

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Hi @ssmme! We hope so too! Feel free to reach out and post if you have any questions.