News and Updates on accessibleGO (Febraury 2019)!

News and Updates on accessibleGO

Hey accessibleGO fans!

We’re very excited to announce some great additions to accessibleGO in general, including the Accessible Travel Forum.

In this “Update” Post:

Updates to the Travel Forum

NEW Travel Categories & Category Leaders

  1. Europe > Romania: Led by Irina from

  2. Migraines: Led by Amanda and Jenn from MyChronicBrain magazine

  3. CRPS: Led by Nurse Beth from

These leaders have lots of experience with travel as relates to their category. We welcome them to the community.

If you’d like to lead an existing (or not yet created) category, reach out to us at

New Homepage

A huge round of applause to our CTO Jeff on the rollout of accessibleGO’s new homepage!

This is the first page of an entirely new experience on!

Stay tuned as we roll out more pages across the platform.

Updates to clubGO Discounts

Hotel Deals Overseas
We’re super excited to let you know that clubGO hotel deals are now available on for international destinations!

Reminder: you must be logged in and a clubGO member to view special deals, per the hotels’ policy.

Partner Organizations
clubGO gives you great hotel discounts that are not available to the public!

Anyone (you, your friends, your family) who has membership with any of our partner organizations can join clubGO, our traveler’s club for people with disabilities.

Think of your membership with our non-profit partners as a key to unlock clubGO discounts on accessibleGO.

NEW partner organizations:

Discounts for ALL accessibleGO Users

Reminder: All accessibleGO users get 10% off on’s mobility rentals in their top locations throughout 2019!

If you feel like flying with a power wheelchair is worse than a root canal (Hat Tip to @scstdenis for amazing post!), you might want to just rent a powerchair at your destination from Scootaround.

Details on the 10% off Scootaround promo here.

Your Feedback and Ideas

We’ve added a News & Updates category which is where you will find updates like this one from now on.

We’ve added a Feedback for accessibleGO category to the travel forum where you can share your feedback and ideas on how we can best improve and develop the accessibleGO travel platform.

Whether it’s about this forum or any area of, we welcome your input!

This unique travel community rocks already and we’re so happy you’re here with us!!

Happy Travels,

– The accessibleGO Team