Nifty Tools!

Hello hello! I hope everyone had a fantastic summer, winding down from fun summer trips, and is settling nicely back into “real life”, back to school things, fall weather, etc, etc. It always feels like summer here in Texas through the end of September (AT LEAST) as the high today was 98º… I digress.

I love accessibleGO because I always find unexpected tips and hacks that I should start using when I travel. So I’m here to share one of the most nifty tools I use all of the time that has really helped in my independence.

I use this nifty little gadget called a Pocket Dresser that helps with zipper pulls and buttons, and I LOVE it. I have two because I always misplace at least one, classic. But it helps button small and large buttons, pull an easy zipper or an especially stuck zipper in a hard to reach place. I have limited mobility in my hands and shortened limbs so buttoning jeans or zipping up a dress can be difficult for me without this.

I used to be afraid to travel with it because it looks like a pocket knife, but I’ve been traveling with it a ton and it’s surprisingly easy! I usually get no questions, besides “What is it?” from a couple curious TSA agents. I always take it out of my bag and expand it like this picture below, and easy.

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 11.12.24 PM

Do you have any fun accessibility tools you can’t live without?