Norfolk botanical gardens

For those who love a day among the plants and flowers, along with the butterflies this is a must. A tram that is scooter and w c accessible will drop you off at key points around the gardens. Butterfly house is seasonal. Boat ride is accessible by steps if you are able and is so worth it. .

Rose garden is breath taking. Hard to say anything bad about this garden at all. Almost all areas are accessible including cafeteria. Really good food

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We regularly go to Williamsburg and travel through the greater Norfolk/Newport News area. We find that there are numerous wheelchair accessible activities in the area. Colonial Williamsburg is only partially accessible, many of the buildings still do not have accessible entrances and many others are only accessible on the ground floor. However there are still plenty of activities there that are wheelchair accessible. I am interested in what you meant regarding the boat is accessible by steps at the botanical gardens. Is it wheelchair accessible or not? Busch Gardens Williamsburg is also partially accessible. We have gone to their Christmas show a couple of times. Some of the paths going around the park are pretty steep but otherwise accessible. Due to the steepness someone in a manual chair may require assistance.

You have several steps to walk down. It was not handicap accessible my last trip to the garden. However the rest of the gardens are.
You are correct. So much is accessible in Norfolk. Ft Monroe. Ft Eustis transportation museum is a must. Chrysler art museum and glass . Just incredible.