Norwegian Breakaway

I will be going on my first cruise in November. We have an accessible room. I’m wondering if I should take my Permobil corpus or if I need to look into taking a smaller chair? I don’t want to have to sacrifice function/comfort for maneuverability, yet I want to be able to get around the ship! Tender ports are not a concern for this trip. Has anyone traveled on this ship or similar and had any difficulty with a full size powerchair? Thanks!!

Hi. I am on a ship in Alaska as we speak. I have a fully accessible cabin and use my electric fold and go (50 lbs) chair all over the ship. You can look them up to compare. I have full accessible cabin and can maneuver all around the cabin. Have a great trip!


We just took a Norwegian cruise to Alaska and had an accessible cabin. I had no problems with my power scooter. We rented mine through Scootaround as we didn’t know the airline requirements for my power chair.


Definitely take what you are comfortable in. You will have no problems navigating the ship.

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I had no problem with my permobil c300 on carnival in their accessible room

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Did you fly by any chance? My husband is in a chair like yours , I’m worried about the plane trip to Miami.

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No we drove to Houston. I have not flown with my permobil.

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Take your big chair. Absolutely no need for anything smaller unless you are renting a car at some port.

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Hi @msnaetr, I have flown with Permobil m300. It was a loaner from the ALS association and I used it for almost a year before I got mine. I’ve flown several times with it. The only minor issue I had was that I forgot to take the headrest off the first time and they didn’t remove it either. When they brought it back, the seat was reclined and the headrest was bent. I’m assuming it was too high to fit in the bin. I’ve even flown on a small plane, 2 seats on each side with no problem. On the airline website, you can look at which plane you’ll be on and look at the dimensions of the door to the cargo hold. You can also call the accessibility line to ask them to find it for you. Happy travels!!