Norwegian cruises

My husband is a c 5/6 quadriplegic, and he uses an Invacare TDX power wheelchair. We traveled on Norwegian Bliss on a cruise to Alaska. We had a few issues with the cruise ship. First, we were given a room that we quite far from the elevators which meant we had to drive down long, narrow hallways to get to our room. The problem was that the cleaning carts were in the hallways almost constantly. He was not able to go anywhere by himself. Secondly, the trying to get from floor to floor was an issue because he can’t navigate quickly enough to beat the crowds to the elevators. Finally, we booked a tour to see Mendenhall Glacier through the cruise line. He made sure that they knew he had a power wheelchair and even sent the dimensions of his chair to make sure that they could accommodate us. When we arrived, they had no accessible transportation ready for us. So disappointed thus far with our experience. This is only day 2 of the cruise.

Unfortunately I had a poor experience with NCL when I went to Hawaii. I originally was given a room where I couldn’t even fit thru the doorway into the room. After that it did get better. We used celebrity cruise lines for our Alaska trip and it was awesome. Hope yours gets better. Seek out the cruise director and the captain of the ship and keep complaining. The squeaky wheel gets the oil

Thank you for your input! We ended up taking the city bus to the glacier and walking/driving wheelchair 1 1/2 miles to the glacier.

We have cruised on NCL & have had the difficulty with the cleaning carts. When we cruise again we will get an accessible cabin closer to the elevators. Also you should have an access officer on your ship, contact them. We have found that person helpful.
As for the elevators, try going to a less crowded area to go on the elevator. We used to go through the public areas of the ship to get to a less used elevator bank. Usually your fellow passengers will let you on the elevator. Hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise.

Thank you for the information! I will try your tips.