NY Times article on flying as a paraplegic

I may go on a little bit too much about travel and accessibility for some people, but having always loved traveling and knowing how it enhances our lives, advocating for accessible travel has become a passion of mine, for both selfish reasons, and for those who miss out on the enjoyments and benefits of travel because they are forgotten about for the most part by those servicing travel.
Therefore I recommend that everybody share this article from The NY Times to increase awareness:



I agree with you Im currently wanting to fly to a family wedding but my family says they dont see how I can go and I should stay home but I’m going just because I have mobility issues doesnt mean I dont still want to go places and see things just because my legs dont cooperate doesnt mean im not aware of my surroundings sometimes my family talks about me like im not even sitting there im like hello I can hear you im right here and they respond we know and one of them says really mean things about me sometimes she apologizes later on sometimes not shes told me its because she had to watch out for me and help me sometimes that wasnt my fault she has no idea the amount of guilt I have that I havent been able to sometimes help do things but it still doesnt give her the right to be mean to me im a person just like anybody else …just an fyi I have found that southwest airlines has shown courtesy/kindness when flying and so has spirit airlines but its hard to say which ones are better alot depends on the people/employees you come in contact with on the day you fly but these two I haven’t had issues with

I cannot see the article but last month had the opportunity to fly for the first time with hemiplegia. This week I fly again to have surgery at Mayo Clinic. It wasn’t easy to fly and I am nervous about flying home post surgery. Since I usually walk with a cane, it was easier to use airport wheelchair services than a personal wheelchair. By the time I return next month for follow-up, I’ll be an expert flyer and ready for a personal flight in December!

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I attempted to read tte artivle but it daid I had reachrd my free limit abd I had to subscribe to tte Times in order to read it

I did read an article a week or so ago about an airline actually breaking a man’s specialty chair leaving him without its use on a trip to Europe

As a quad and amputee, we simply do not fly. It is no longer an option. We drive, in our accessible Motorhome, or we cruise from a port we drive to. If it were possible to fly in my power wheelchair, we would reconsider.

Thanks for trying to send the NYT article. I have no desire to become a subscriber so am not able to open it.

It’s bad enough when perfect strangers don’t give you the respect you deserve, so when a friend or family member doesn’t, it hurts more.
Have you tried to find a family therapy councilor?
I’m glad you still have the desire to travel and hope you can fulfill your wishes to do so.

I’m glad you still travel in ways you can. Travel I believe is good for the soul. One day I hope airlines will allow for power chair spaces. The research and design has been done, it’s now just a case of implementation:

The supreme court has to know what the airlines are doing with peoples the disabled

I am new to this club. I could not read the article because it says I have reached my free limit. I have not read a single article yet. I travelled to Switzerland with Saudia Airlines they misplaced my wheelchair when I flew from Mumbai to Geneva via Jeddah. When I got my wheelchair back after 10 days it was damaged. Saudia Airlines has not given any compensation for the same. They will never understand the importance of a wheelchair.

Hi - Since I posted this, I am started a petition (below) which I hope you will have time to read. It concerns accessibility for all air travelers. If you agree with the content could you please sign and
pass it on. I would be most grateful.