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How hard is it to visit New York City during Christmas?

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I’m not sure what you mean? Need more info before I can answer your question

I am assuming you have mobility disabilities. We have visited NYC several times in December and it is a wonderful time to go. Hotels have plenty of rooms. You can get a cab with ramps. The issue we have had after a snow storm is that when the streets get cleared, the snow piles into the curb cuts in the crosswalks. Once the snow stops falling, they clear them by hand which takes about a day. During this time, you have to take cabs everywhere.

Hi I live in one of the five bourghs of NYC it gets super crowded during this time of year after all a good amount of NYC’S appeal is the holiday season . I wouldn’t say it is not do- able but I would say to be aware and plan for things ahead of time. My daughter who is completely ambulatory told me it took her more than 30 minutes to walk approximately 300 yards through the sea of people last year in Times square. I would say do some research before going, call the places you plan on seeing to also ask if they have special accessible entrances for that time of year .

I was there in December on my last trip and used a scooter to get around and jad no issues.

If you use a mobility device and do not have at least 2 people with you, visiting New York at any time is very difficult. My family recently enjoyed a theater weekend in New York. Our hotel was near the theater district. Like many hotels in the area, there was no parking garage and the lobby was several floors up from the street. Elevators were rather small making it difficult to get into the elevator with the mobility device, luggage, and family.

Bathrooms in the theater district were hard to access and many nearby hotels did not allow access to the bathrooms unless one was a guest. The streets were very crowded making it very difficult to get around. Bathrooms in restaurants were often on different floors with only access via stairs.

While holiday windows and decorations are quite beautiful it is very hard to see them. Streets and stores are difficult to access, parking is expensive and locating an accessible taxi on the street impossible. Renting an accessible car service for the day is also expensive.

Definitely go another time.

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