Orlando in June

I am going to Orlando in June for a work conference. I have a manual wheelchair and will rent an electric scooter for the conference hotel. Any suggestions for must see things? I will be staying near Sea World

We have been to Orlando several times with our son in a chair. All the Disney parks are very accessible and since there are five or six of them there is something for everyone. My wife went to universal studios with a friend and had a marvelous time but didn’t think it was very accessible. We spent an afternoon at Lew Gardens in downtown Orlando and found it very beautiful and also accessible.

Hope you have fun.

I am fond of Universal Orlando. Less expensive than Disney, requires no advance planning, and much more relaxing.

I have had to transfer to a wheelchair from my scooter to ride the attractions. I believe that if you are alone, a team member will push you to the loading area and pick you up at the end of the ride and bring you back to your scooter. You will have to transfer to the attraction seat by yourself if you can, or you will need the help of a friend or family member.

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What i do before i go someplace new. Google free and accessible things to do. Gives you a idea . Then take from there


I can follow up with what to do in Orlando but if you need a good Scooter rental company I would highly suggest Randy’s Mobility. We have used them several times for the last few years and have never been disappointed.


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I don’t think that Universal is any less accessible than Disney. I rely on a Scooter and I can only walk very short distances. I go to Universal at least 2 times a year without any problems. The only thing I don’t like is having to transfer to a wheelchair to get on the rides, it works fine, but I don’t really like it. Disney does this too.

I purchased a Travelscoot because it is compact and lightweight. The idea was that I would be independent! I feel like being forced to transfer to a manual wheelchair makes me go from independent to dependant.

At Disneyland Paris, you can drive your scooter or power wheelchair right to the loading area of the attraction. The difference is that at Disneyland Paris, you have to prove that you need the mobility device. Because of this, there are only a couple of scooters in the park, making it easier to accommodate. Disneyland Paris is the most accessible theme park I have ever been in, so I know it can be done.


Thanks I looked at a place called Old Town. I would like to try it if it is accessible. It looks like much of it might be.

My parents use to be snowbirds and camped at a campground outside Orlando every winter. They loved old town. My mom used a mobility scooter for years. My parents always talked about it when they came back. You will not be disappointed

Where are you staying near Se World? I live in the area. What are your interests?


I have not been to Orlando in a coupke of years but I found Disney to be far more accessible than Sea World. I do hope they have improved since that visit. Every place I went in Disney World tge cast members were super to offer assistance and all of the rides and restaurants and places were accessible to my scooter

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Hi @sylvia1345 - accessibleGO has created Accessible City Guides and collected accessibility resources for our Top 30 US Cities. Orlando is one of them. Check out all of the resources for Orlando here.

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Hi, welcome to Orlando.we can provide transportation for you if you like.
Our van is wheelchair capable ADA certified. We have more than 14 years of experience working with service disabled veterans. You will be treated with respect.
Write to mgarcia557@aol.com

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Sea World and the Disney Parks are the most accessible. Universal is not at all welcoming to people with disabilities. A young man in our support group was turned away from many rides at Universal and was embarrassed and humiliated by his treatment there.

All of the parks In Orlando are fairly accessible.
If you like shopping, there are several outlet centers around.

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thank you. I will check out the outlet malls. That is a great suggestion

I am staying at one of the Sea World Hotels. The Ren. (don’t know how to spell the whole word) I am interested in nature, shopping for bargains, and things off the beaten path. Rides don’t excite me too much. Although swimming does.

Sylvia Bennett-Josephson

I am not certain where that is, not heard of it. I have only been here for a little over 2 years so still learning the area. Sorry

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