Overseas travel

I don’t see any talk about overseas travel. Is it out of the question for people with disabilities? Is it that bad?

Thank you so much for this question! Our website focuses on domestic travel in the USA simply because that’s where we have started our operations, we have accessibility data on 6,000 US hotels as well as travel resources for the top 30 cities in the US. We do plan to expand, and to that end there are many posts in this forum about overseas travel.

If you do a key word search (in the upper right corner) for cities or countries abroad that you are thinking of visiting, you will find additional information. You can also post about an international location you are considering visiting and there are many community members who will likely jump in with advice about those locations.

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Hi Christianescalante and welcome to the Forum. I’m Pinky :fairy:; one of the Forum Moderator’s and I saw your question and Miriam’s response and advice to you about what the sites main focus is currently. I understand the difficulty and frustration in trying to plan an international journey; especially when you don’t know what the accessibility laws and acceptance is in a certain area. Just as Miriam mentioned, many of our members have already managed international travel and are willing to share with you any information they can to help make your first adventure more exciting and easier on you.
Just let the community know on which area’s you are thinking about traveling too and what aspects of the trip you need assistance in understanding and we will all be more than happy to share with you our collective knowledge?
That’s why Miriam and her team built us this Forum…to show the world what it looks like when a community takes care of each other. We await your inquiry and look forward to what you will bring to the Forum yourself Christianescalante.

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

  • -Pinky :fairy: :kissing_heart:

thanks for the awesome information.