Palm Springs Paradise

I went to Palm Springs, CA for a quick trip. Recap is here: Palm Springs Recap :cactus:

I’m a wheelchair user, and documented a bit of my experience while I was there. I use a foldable wheelchair that travels on planes very well as it weighs 50lbs and folds. It fits into cars extremely easily as well, and holds a charge for 2-5 days, depending on usage. I stayed at the Westin Rancho Mirage, which I found to be 98% accessible. Only thing was there were no automatic doors at the hotel. I was fine without them, but they are a nice to have.

On the way back, I asked to be moved to the bulkhead seating as its shorter walk to board, and the gate attendant upgraded me to first class!! So unexpected. I had a nice cocktail and a warm cookie, ha!

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