Park national that are mobility scooter access

Would like to be able to see national parks using mobility scooter

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I went to Badlands, Devil’s Tower, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, and Arches last September. I used my wheelchair and was pushed. My scooter was too big to take. Do a lot of research. Go to the park’s site. It will tell you where you can go and can’t go. Every park has great views for wheelchairs and such. Yes, there are some places you can’t get to, but that’s okay. What I saw was worth the 5,000 miles round trip. Badlands, I stayed in the car because that’s the kind of park it is. Up close to the animals and the views are amazing. Fall is the best time to go. Less crowds and not hot. Arches has a natural structure called Delicate Arch. You can’t get up close, but they have a viewing area that has an amazing view. I thought it would be far away, but no, really close. Best to get to all parks before opening for Sunrise views and beat the crowds.
I know this is a lot of info, but it’s good to have advice from someone who’s experienced it from our point of view. But do research, get maps, know limits, know where outlets are, make lists, plans, schedules. Again, I’m throwing out a lot. In the beginning, we were going to do 11 parks, but realized our limits and knew we would stop enjoying it and get on each others’ nerves.
I hope you have a great time. It was worth it.


Hi Maryann77777! I’m Pinky :fairy:, one of your Forum moderator’s :crystal_ball:. Welcome to the Forum! We are so happy you have joined us here on the site and I hope we can be of some help in getting you out there and traveling.

I saw your post and it reminded me that I just did some research on Yellowstone Park recently on our Forum and wanted to share the link with you to take a look at.

There is also a great website to take a look at too from the National Park Services that you can get information on every park and what accessible features it has.

If there any specific parks you may want more information for; or need help finding nearby lodging and services, just let us know and we will be happy to help you with that information as well. Sometimes it gets a little tricky finding accessible lodging in and near the parks, and there is a very limited supply that books up very fast every summer. So, you want to make sure to make your travel bookings as soon as possible for when you want to visit.

We’re here you MaryAnn and so happy you are now a part of our AccessibleGo family.

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

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