Parking at Port Canaveral

Going on my first cruise leaving Friday from Port Canaveral, Florida so exciting just wondering about parking prices at port. It says vehicles with hand controls are free has anyone done this before? I’m concerned as mine are removable but my license has it as a restriction and I have a plaque.

Most ports are $25.00 a day. Some ports don’t charge locals for handicapped vehicles. Call the parking authority directly at the cruise port you plan on using.

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You have not recieved free parking at the port as advertised?

Hi @talford4324! From what I have found, parking is free at Port Canaveral for those with disability permit tags. Here’s a snippet from their site.

Disabled Parking

DISABLED PARKING spaces are available, and the fee is waived for vehicles transporting
certain persons who have disabilities that:

• ​ Have special equipment, such as ramps, lifts, foot or hand controls for use by a disabled person OR
• ​ Display a Florida Toll Exemption Permit as explained in s. 316.1964, Florida Statutes OR
• ​ Display a Florida Disabled Veteran (DV) license plate issued under s. 320.084; s. 320.0842; or s. 320.0845, Florida Statutes.

Hope this helps!

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This is Pinky :fairy:… Just wanted to confer with Emily on this one. Last time I was parked at Port Canaveral, we didn’t have to pay parking. And that was with my New Jersey Handicap Parking tag. Just don’t forget to bring your tag with you!
Thank you Emily for Digging up all the details on this.

Pinky :fairy: