Personal Care Attendant for Los Angeles Trip

From a Community Member:

I am a wheelchair user with some minor physical limitations and thus require personal care assistance when traveling alone. I live in Southeast Asia and plan to visit the USA in mid February.

Can you provide some information or connect me with an agency which I can inquire about hiring a fee-for-service personal care attendant during my trip to Los Angeles?

I require minimal to moderate level of physical assistance specifically in dressing and bowel care which require approximately 1 to 2 hours each day; specific times and pay rate are negotiable. This is actually a business trip where I will be attending an academic conference which means I do not require the assistant to be in my presence or accompany me beyond those 1-2 hours each day. I look forward to your valuable input with this critical matter.

You can look up nursing assistant agency in the los Angeles area and they will be able to help you

Contact the Los Angeles county Agency on Aging. Every county in the US has one (for future reference). They should be able to give you a list of resources.

You might also contact the college for a student to hire. You may even be able to get a nurse or medical student so they have some training and they will get practical experience. Either call the medical school or student resources. You may need to instruct on practical ways to address a person who needs assistance and how to adapt to individual preferences.

Welcome to California. If you google private duty nursing agency in LA several will come up. I will tell you that it is difficult to find folks who will take a 2 hour shift…they all want 8-12hours.

Thank you kindly. Thank you!

Have you had any luck?

No; unfortunately, I have not received any promising options as of yet. :frowning: Please share any other suggestions/thoughts/ideas/references,etc.

I used to find my personal assistant. That might help you for your trip.
Wishing you well,
Kay Lynn