Places to stay in Boulder, CO

From a member of our community:

Looking for an AirBB in Boulder,CO over Labor Day weekend?

Hi there! There are a few Airbnb’s in Boulder. How many people are staying? On Airbnb, you can filter by your accessibility needs (step free entrance, accessible bathroom, etc.) I would recommend to take a look! I’m sure you’ll find something. Boulder is a beautiful place!

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As Emily was saying, we would need some additional information to be able to help recommend any Airbnbs; especially since you didn’t even say if you needed an accessible location? For the Boulder area, there are hundreds of listings. However, in case you are looking for accessible properties, I only found 2 in the area that came under a search for accessible features; and of those 2, I would not actually consider either of them accessible after reviewing the photos. (Will put links below). :mountain:
Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, the major push from Airbnb to manage their accessible listings better seems to have faded. (As has Uber’s focus on accessible rides). At one-point years back they made a huge media circus on how they had hired an expert to come revamp their programs and start ensuring that listings who claimed to have accessible features, actually proved they had with putting a photo for each feature it claimed to have :camera:. They even promised to start visiting the properties to verify the listings claims to make sure the owner wasn’t confused about how they listed themselves.
I’m not saying there aren’t accessible properties (by accidental design) in the Boulder area; but they may require going through all the photos of the properties thoroughly that interest you. :framed_picture:
There are a lot of fantastic hotels in Boulder if you would be interested in a hotel option? The Homewood Suites (by Hilton) have great 2 room suites with roll-in showers; Hampton Inn and Suites in North Boulder (big rooms), but need to verify availability of accessible bathrooms for Labor Day weekend; Hilton Garden Inn has a Jr. Suite with a roll-in shower available and a regular room with an accessible tub; and if you feel like spoiling yourself, try the Embassy Suites (also by Hilton) that has a roll-in shower room available too. I always seem to do well in Hilton hotels when it comes to accessibility and just a coincidence Hilton seems to most of the chains in Boulder. :hotel:

I’m sorry about the lack of Airbnb listings that are accessible for Boulder and will keep peaking at the listings for you to see if anything comes across as accessible and just not identified on the site, But as Emily was saying, knowing all those other details about what your “stay needs” are, will really be helpful to be better able to assist you.

Please come back and tell us all about Boulder and how your trip went? I’ve always heard Boulder is a much more progressive city with their attitudes towards accessibility and we would all probably love to hear what kind of activities you found and how things were around town for you? :snowboarder:

We’re here at your disposal when you have a second to send us those additional details. Also, if you would like; the folks here at AccessibleGo can call to verify the actual availability of accessible rooms and their features (vs. what’s on a website) for you.
Thank you for coming to us in the AccessibleGo Forum for more information for your trip.

Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

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