Planning a trip to Perth Australia in 2026

Looking for Advice on visiting Perth Australia, my mobility aid is an Electric Wheelchair.

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What type of advice? I have had a mobility scooter for years then 2 years ago I got a power chair followed by a conversion van as I was no longer able to physically climb into my driver’s seat no matter which model of vehicle I tried. Im addition to multiple orthopedic and neuro surgeries, I also suffer with lymphedema in both of my lower legs and it reached the point I could no longer lift my legs to get into the car.
Whst do you wish to know about using a power chair. I don’t have all of the answers and I am not in the chair 24/7 as I only use it outside my apartment.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I want trip advice. Not about using a chair. Thanks for sharing though.

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I live in Texas. Flying to Auckland next month for a cruise winding up in Sydney. I usually ride a Permobile F3, but there is no way to take it on a plane. Went on a cruise with it out of Galveston and had some issues with it’s low clearance because it has been set up to let me roll in and dock in my van.
For this trip I got a foldable 50 lb Ranger Spacepro power chair. Will have to see how well it works on this trip. The batteries come out easily, which is a big deal since you have to take them in your carry on. I have ridden it on grass. Won’t take a steep hill but has good clearance and battery life. There are a lot of other options for power travel chairs. You may want to ask around. I can’t vouch for the Ranger yet since I haven’t travelled with it.
The flights are the tough part. I’ve had an ultralight manual chair damaged on one trip. The airline offered a loaner and paid to fix mine, but it was a pain. Read somewhere airlines damage chairs 3% of the time. Also, pull your ROHO off the chair to use on airline seats, car seats, whatever. Pressure ulcers will ruin your trip in a hurry.
It’s always a little scary to travel when you’re a paraplegic, but who wants to sit on their butt waiting to die. Have fun.

This is more what I was looking for, I will take everything into consideration, please let me know how it goes with your trip. Thank you for your info and insights.

We took a Permobil M3 to London in Sept 2019. The battery type is what matters for having to take them out. If it’s a non-spillable battery, you don’t have to take them on the plane with you.

He used his wheelchair up to the gate on arrival. He walked on with crutches (you could do the transfer chair if needed). We removed his seat cushion, the back (this is what I take off to fit it in the van), and his attached bag. Then flipped the battery kill switch and stuck it in neutral. The airlines then pushed the chair and put it in the cargo hold. FYI if it’s really heavy, they have to have a specific lift for it. Ours is 428lbs so the lift was needed. When we got out of the plane, he had to go into an airport wheelchair until they retrieved it. We got it before we got to customs, but it took them awhile because they had to wait for that one lift at Heathrow to get over to our plane. The long wait was a little scary.

Before we flew we had to confirm the dimensions of it to make sure it would fit in the cargo hold.

Hey fshtank.
My name is Terry and I live in Perth. I have been paraplegic for 15 years and am wheelchair bound.
I use a Glide Centro and it is a good reliable robust chair.
I am a heavy (not physically) user of my motorised chair and I usually travel in the vicinity of 1000 to 1200kms per year.
Public transport is excellent in so much as buses and trains are very wheelchair friendly.
Feel free to ask any questions you wish which might assist you on your journey.
I have travelled extensively through Asia in my chair both by air and cruise ship
My next trip will be to Bangkok in about 4 weeks time.

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Hey Terry thanks for reaching out. I would love to be able to use you as another resource. I have a able bodied friend who i worked with here in the US. She lives in Perth now as well. Is there a way we can communicate outside the message board? I have quadriplegic C.P. I have limited to moderate upper body use.

Hi. Your name would be useful.

The best means of communicating would be by email if that suits you or by using Facebook messenger, which has a video facility.

My email address is:

I live in the suburb of Kallaroo in Perth’s northern beach suburbs.

I am in my 70’ s and am a widower. Also a Vietnam veteran having served with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment in 1968. I’ve been retired since 1999.

Any information at all that you might want or need, I would be happy to be of assistance.

Let me know a little bit more about yourself.



Terry did you get my email?