Planning ahead for travel in Canada


My husband and I are planning to travel in Ontario and Quebec this summer. I wear a leg brace and use a walker. My main problem is going from sitting to standing, so I need tall commodes with grab bars. I also need a walk in shower, as I cannot lift my leg over a tub edge. We want to travel without making reservations in a particular place, so we have the freedom to be spontaneous and stop and see whatever looks interesting to us. We have travelled in Canada before, and have had some accessibility issues. Does anyone have experience travelling without reservations and how did it work out. Thanks.


Hello! We are from Ontario and travelled throughout Quebec last year. The bigger cities like Toronto and tourist areas like Niagara Falls are better but it’s difficult to find roll in showers without reservations(we too need roll in showers for my son). Most
places will advertise accessible rooms but many have tubs and provide a shower seat. Some rooms claim to be accessible but just have a grab bar here and there which is frustrating so be sure to ask lots of detailed questions. There are however many places
where you can rent a commode if you have the room to transport. It’s so hard to be spontaneous with a disability!! was a very useful resource for us when looking for accommodations and accessible experiences throughout Quebec. Older historical areas like old Quebec City have few accessible restaurants so patio
dining is best in these areas in the warmer months or look up more modern buildings. Some older restaurants have back entrances which are accessible so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Poorly, even with reservations, the accessible rooms are not always available.


Hey @tchagani, maybe you have some expertise about accessibility in Canada that can help @marybrizzi?


I live in TORONTO and can say being spontaneous traveling here needing a roll in is impossible in June- Sept, difficult in March. If money a big issue even harder. Right now the AÒDA access bill doesn’t take effect till 2025 and is going very slowly so things are difficult .
Big cities a must for accessibility.
Post aga*n if u need specifics

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I have been making reservations and am very frustrated. Many booking websites do not list a property’s accessible rooms. So I have made a lot of phone calls. Also, a lot of places have accessible rooms with only 1 King or 1 Queen bed. I need 2 beds because I am a restless sleeper and my husband is a light sleeper, therefore we don’t sleep in the same bed. I can see that this would be a problem for a disabled traveler who has an attendant who does not want to share a bed. How can we get the message out to properties that accessible rooms need to have 2 beds and those rooms need to be listed on booking sites? (This is not just in Canada, but also the USA,)