Planning and being prepared

Hello fellow bloggers. I been awake for a couple of hours and decided to get up because I wanted to give you a few ideas that I personally found to be useful and handicapped friendly. We all know there are things that happen that you have to have a contingency plan for. Let us talk about those mishaps or unforeseen problems/issues we can plan for so not to get upset when they happen

Please share your tips/ ideas and tricks so we can all benefit from each other.

  • Every vacation/trip we must be ready for rain/snow/wind, hurricanes and tornadoes etc— Sorry I guess I got crazy there for a minute. You wouldn’t be out in hurricanes or tornadoes, I hope. You might be using a walker, cane, crutches or scooter when caught outdoors when storms come up. It is also possible that you have to go outside in bad weather to move to your next tour/ vacation spot. Here is what I hang on my scooter or walker or cane. Lightweight to carry and long enough to cover me and my walker or scooter.

  • Being insulin dependent type 2 diabetic you need a way to keep your bottles of insulin or insulin pens cool during trips/vacation Here is what I use but there are many other varieties available. Check it out online.

-A pair of handicap grabbers for things on the top shelf at a store, pick up something on the floor or out of reach in a hotel room or cruise cabin. Check it out online.

  • Cup holder for my morning coffee or a bottle of water for those tours or day at the pool.

Easy To Use Products Mobility Cup Holder with Adjustable Height and 360° Rotation

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Oh I agree. I have a grabber, a folding cane, a quad cane all in my backseat. I also find other folks are the best source for reaching stuff on that top shelf and thatvis wherexmy favorite stuff apoears. Just yesterday afternoon I wss in one of my favorite Publix grocery stores abd this gentleman who worked there sskedvif I was finding everything I needed and at that point I told him yes. I went down amother aisle in my scooter and sure enough my utem wss on the very top shelf. I made a U turn and caught his attention and asked to “borrow his height”. He quickly teached up and grabbed the big bag of grits for me. I explained I was shipping them to my friend in NYC. He asked if she knew how to cook them and I assured him I hsd done this before and with it went a typed set of durections on hiw to cook grits, cook country ham and prepare red eye gravy. He got a kick out of that. I later saw him in produce and “borrowed” him again to reach another item.

I want to ask where you found that poncho that has the really long back. I use a walker and/or a power wheelchair and if it rains then my backside gets soaked. I hate it. I have gotten to the point if it is pouring and I have an appointment I will call the office and cancel the appointment and explain why. There is nothing more miserable than sitting somewhere in wet clothes especially if it is a medical facility because they are always freezing cold. At least if the rains starts when I am headed home I can get out of my wet clothes and into dry things. I asked my cousin who is a retired mechanical engineer to design something and he sent me a link to this umbrella thing.on Amazon (he had Googled it). I checked it out and reviews were awful and biggest complaints were that it fell apart while trying to assemble it and it didn’t hold up at all and fell apart when trying to use it. It was definitely cheap crap from China; the only likes were 3 who used it for sun protection.

Good evening. You can find the rain poncho that I pictured on my Planning and being prepared forum at this link.

I agree nothing worse than sitting in wet clothes in air conditioning. Happy travels.

Will the cup holder attach to a power wheelchair?

Thanks for the travel ideas and reminders! I love the Rain Poncho. I have a small one but this is so much better!!!

Yes I have one attached to my seated walker, my scooter and my wheelchair. Enjoy your day and Happy travels.

Glad you liked the poncho. It is in its own carrying bag and because it is long in the back it covers my wheelchair or scooter or wheeled seated walker completely so keeps me dry. Because it has actual arms it keeps it in place while on better than an over the head poncho. It also works well against the wind. Have a great day. Happy travels.

Good morning my travel friends. When I started this conversation I hoped you would add your ideas and tips that you find helpful to plan for or take with you to make travel easier or safer.

I have a couple more tips to share. I have learned my lesson the hard way. I never check my walker that has the seat at the airport check in but gate check it. I have the airline wheelchair service push me in their wheelchair with my walker folded up and holding it it on my feet and holding it in front of me until we arrive at the gate. Reason is several times when checking it at front check in with my suitcase. Guess what I found at baggage claim on our arrived at our destination? I found my seated walker bent, broken or parts missing making it unusable for the trip. Not a good way to start a trip.

Next, when traveling to Honolulu (maybe other cities) use caution. I was using my electric scooter to explore the city of Honolulu on my very first day. Now imagine getting a ticket for crossing the street against the red light arrow. It cost me $210.00. Let me explain. I was sitting in a crowd of standing people waiting to cross a busy intersection. I could not see the pedestrian walk or don’t walk light because of all the people in front and beside me. Being on the scooter all you see is people’s butts. Well the 3 people in front of me started to cross the street and I followed. Only when we got across to the opposite corner a plain clothes policeman stopped the four of us. He wrote actual tickets for all of us. The three others were a family from California who just arrived that morning and it cost them $630.00 for crossing against the light. The officer didn’t want to hear my explanation why I crossed but he told me I could request in writing that the judge consider my explanation. I did write that judge of how it happened to me and probably other handicapped people traveling on scooters and power chairs. I won, the fine was dropped and so were the charges.

I hope these couple tips help you. Now share some of yours with me. Happy travels all.


Hi Marianne, I’m Pinky :fairy:; one of the Forum moderators :crystal_ball:. I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the Forum community and thank you so much for posting all the fantastic advice on equipment and travel :partying_face:. You defiantly had me running to check out the Poncho…Thank you, its perfect for the wheelchair.

We really appreciate community members like yourself and the other responders, who take the time to share with us helpful information and ask the questions that we all want the answers to. Please keep up the fantastic help and let us know if we can be of any help with anything. It’s what were here for (even if there is no specific category you need to get help with).

Thank you again for joining us and look forward to reading more of your posts.

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