Portable tub bench?

Hi, I’m considering ordering a portable shower bench like this (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000AEGCQ2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_eT-dDbHKZYW74) but I’m nervous that it won’t fit.

Does anyone have experience using something like this while traveling?

It would be way to low for me. I hope there is something to hold on to. It’s also easier to step out with a higher chair.

The description says the seat adjusts from 19” - 28”. Depending on how high your tub sits, in comparison to how tall you are this may/may not work. I don’t see any handicap handles to assist you getting up. So that might be a problem. My husband and father both use the handicap seat which can be adjusted to height and the assistance handle can be moved to either side of the chair.

I have not used one like this. It seems very useful in. Transferring might be difficult. One issue that it solves is that legs on regular benches don’t fit some tubs. In the question section, someone talks about how to tuck the shower curtain so water doesn’t go on the floor. I’m thinking about getting one for home use as well as travel.


When I saw this, I looked for it and bought one after measuring the tub. Well, it didn’t fit by about 1/4". I emailed the company and got no response from them, so returned it. It is considerably bigger than I expected. I wouldn’t want to put it in a suitcase, even if it would fit.