Power Chair rental in Ireland?

We are headed to Ireland for a family vacation! Am wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to rent a power chair there for a week? Don’t want to take our son’s 435lb chair if we can avoid it, and also don’t want to purchase a folding power chair if not necessary. Any ideas? Thank you!

I found several companies who rented power chairs in Dublin, where I assumed you would start you trip.


I hope this helps.

Hi Hi! Emily here from accessibleGO. I haven’t rented a power chair but I have been to Ireland, and can help navigate the best that I can.

Firstly, yes, there seems to be a variety of options available to you. I would love to get a little more information to help nail down what might be the best fit!

  • Do you have a price range you’re looking in?
  • What part of Ireland are you traveling to?
  • Would a standard power chair be okay, or does your son need a reclining chair/special seat/etc?
  • How old is your son - would you need a children’s or adult’s size?

The links that @tripeny provided seem like a great place to start as well! Hope this helps, and I can continue to look for options for you!