Pre- flight Disability Mock Cabin at Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl Airport

Last week, the Minneapolis- St. Paul International Airport, in conjunction with Delta Airlines, opened a new mock airplane cabin for people with cognitive, psychological and physical disabilities and for trainers of service animals in order to provide an experience of what it feels like to fly. The mock cabin is called the MSP Travel Confidently Education Center and is the latest part of the airport’s Navigating MSP program, which helps travelers with disabilities.

Thanks to our partner Open Doors Organization in Chicago for sharing this great information! ODO is an active member of the MSP Travelers with Disabilities Advisory Committee.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new mock airplane cabin- is this something that you would benefit from? Have you ever tried a mock cabin before?

Photo credit: Open Doors Organization


This is a wonderful idea. Do they have them in Los Angeles?