Problems getting on a tour bus

Hi, My husband and I love to cruise but on our last trip on Norweigian, I had a terrible time entering the tour buses. My husband finally had to push my rear end up. Not only was it mortifying, it was painful. I have thought about bringing a folding stool to get on and off. Does anyone have any other ideas?

following…I have a VERY hard time getting on and off buses! Seems they would have better access for handicap and elderly

Depending on the port you can set up your own pvt tour with either a wc accesible van or a ovt tour with a taxi. Barbados has switched to all electric buses and are hc accessible so it has become so much easier to tour on your own.

My wife and i decide to tour on our own when the excursions are not suitable for us. Depending on where you go look for free transportation or mass transit to get you around. Most ports i have found have it.

We look for museums. Other things to do in port that may be of interest if we have visited before. It is up to your taste and limitations

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One thing i will tell you. The Caribbean is notorious bad for handicapped access other than Barbados. Nassau is a nightmare. Do not even try to use the didewalks outside the shopping district. Bermuda buses are not hc accessible. The old navy yard is difficult to get around . They do have a free shuttle

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There are very limited excursions for handicapped people on cruises. If you book a private excursion, beware of the time. Ships don’t wait for private excursions. They will wait on ship excursions. Many cruise lines have a special department for accessible excursions.

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I have traveled with a group out of Savannah on various trips and they have “kneeling” buses. The bus a tially lowers the steps to make ttem more accessible. I also live to. Ruide but I use Holland America and their Excursions Desk on-board has always been very helpful when I am considering various trips at the many stops my ship makes. Fir example (I use a mobility scooter wgen traveling). The desk advised me against a particular tour because it was in S America and frankky was not very accessible and the weather was extremely humid as well. I took 2 different tours from tte sbip, 1 in Guatemala and another in Costa Rica without a problem and on my Alaska ruide/inland 2 week trip there was onky 1 place I could not access. I was able to go on their train without issue and to do the river cruise in Fairbanks and I did tte bus tour of Debski Natiobal Park but without scooter. We onky stopped on e midway avd tte driver brought out a wheelchair for me and pushed me to the ranger station and restrooms and gift shop. The ships are well dine in terms of pubkuc handicapped restrooms (the best I have ever seen) and my staterooms have all been A+. The crew always assists me in getting off and back on at the various ports and onto tenders if we have to tender into port.

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That is exactly what my husband has to do, push my rear end up, I don’t have the leg strength to get up a high step. I just accept it, don’t like it, for the ability to still travel and explore.

I cannot get on and off tour buses. Therefore, I cannot access the cruise bus.I bring my own wheelchair and hire a private guide and car. I stress that I need a sedan and not a van. It costs but at least you don’t have to deal with getting on and off. Some cruise lines do have a dedicated bus that is accessible. You might check that out first.

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If you use a wheelchair or scooter, you could try to talk to the people in charge of the tours. Sometimes they can arrange to have a bus that takes you up to the seating area in your scooter or wheelchair. Tell them you can’t do steps.

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I agree. Norwegian is really not set up to assist people with disabilities. On the other hand, Celebrity is awesome, and I have heard good things about Holland America. The cruise lines that cater to an older, wealthier, clientele tend to do a much better job with handicap access.

Could you carry a lightweight wooden or plastic step with you that would cut the height of the bus step in half? so if it is 12" and you had a 6" step of you own that would cut the height in half. I am sure you could get one made up of a lightweight material. Could be made foldable too.