Proof for ADA room? oxygen? Carnival?


Hi Ive been looking at a last minute bucket list trip. Im in hospice and use a power chair because I get very weak very fast.
What have you needed as proof for ada rooms? I don’t want to fight huge battles and my medical information doesn’t need to be in the hands of a bunch of non medical cruise staff. I was looking at booking and there is warnings that come up that have lead me to stress.
Also what are thoughts on non ada rooms? I bought a travel power chair because the rehab chair is extremely hard to transport(this chair breaks into 4 pieces and the battery can seperate for charging without the chair)
I use a walk in tub at home and have bath attendants (my friend is helping me on the trip).
Also is their room to get an oxygen concentrator in the room? I have a portable but want to charge it at night and use the main one when in room.
I was hoping to use carnival, are they decent?

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On NCL and RCCL I had no proofing of need for ada room. If you take a scooter which I advise reserve ada room as scooter sometimes doesn’t fit through regular cabin doors or room to use. There is a very generic list that asks what issues dealing with such as mobility or need oxygen. Make reservation for ada room larger,easier for wheel chair/scooter turning radius,roll in shower. Limited ada rooms ion ships make reservation asap. There are people reserving ada cabins due to increased sized and comfort not necessarily to accommodate medical Needs Be sure to get travel insurance coverage as many US medical insurances won’t pay when off mainland such as Medicare,/Medicaid as well as private commercial insurance. Most cruise,ines have “access’ desk help with disability accommodations. I have not been able to find excursions that are totally barrier free have transport with lift and don’t require any walking. Be sure to ask about all options you may require for an easy excursion. I end up in port area with scooter as transportation and just shopping area versus tour Of area. Good luck on your adventure. Takes detail planning can be done. Pm if you want specific info needed although no experience with celebrity cruises.


I have been on many cruises in Accessible rooms on both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. No specific documentation is needed of your disability you fill out a form documenting you have a need including oxygen, ensure, CPAP, raised toilet seat, roll in shower, etc. Each cruise ship has a very limited number of accessible rooms so you need to book as early as possible (we have cruises booked in 2020) the doors of a regular room are not wide enough for a standard w/c or to move around in.
Excursions are divided in categories can you walk at all, can you walk short distances, or not at all, the cruise line has a department that helps with that.
Carnival is advertised as the “Party Ship” we prefer Royal and Celebrity

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Not sure about Carnival. I have had MANY accessible staterooms on Royal Caribbean, and have never needed paperwork. Not sure of the our age, but Royal Caribbean is a great cruiseline for mature adults. Carnival is more of a younger crowd.

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Have been on many Carnival Cruises in ADA cabins.
I’m not sure what you have to show for an ADA cabin, I’ve never had to show anything, but if you do, a generalized note from your Doctor saying you require a handicapped accessible cabin is sufficient, no need to go into specifics.
Oxygen, power chairs, none of these will be a problem on Carnival.
Carnival has a disability advocate onboard every ship. When you arrive, go to guest services, and ask for their disability representative. They will assist you with any and all issues to make your cruise the best experience.
Make sure you get all the contact info for your stateroom attendant, they can assist you with anything you need.
Carnival is an excellent cruise line for our physically challenged community.


I think they are trying to discourage people from trying to get the bigger room for no reason. I just didn’t want to deal with a lot of extra on top of trying to manage all the needs if that makes sense. Sounds like it would be smart to use my travel power chair due to its size. i will miss the comfort of my big chair. like traveling in a huge recliner lol oh wait it does recline. im taking it down to florida in a week for my first round with it. im spoiled and ove my main chair but it’s almost impossible to get places.
The travel chair is 104lbs total weight and with me in it we still are well under 300 lbs including equipment attached. sounds like with the lifts and size of room it will make a huge difference. i will have to bring extra meds to compensate.


Its honestly like 6 inches narrower. it turns super easy but 1/2 as stable lol


Hello, you shouldnt need to have proof to book an ADA room, but you may want a note from your doctor that you are well enough to travel as you can be denied boarding if you “look” too ill and dont have a letter from your doc. Call Carnival (or whichever line you are considering) and the can tell you who provides rental DME (like O2 machines) to the ship you are looking at. DME vendors vary by port and cruise line. The cruise line can also advise on which cabins have enough room for your equipment. Every ship is different but most cruise lines are excellent at giving you all the info you need. I personally prefer Celebrity line, but I am Platinum on Carnival and can attest to the reasonable prices and they are truly “fun ships.” I wish for you an epic vacation under difficult circumstances.


Hi, my name is Jennifer but most call me Jenni. I am getting ready to go on my first Cruise and both I and my Cruise Buddy are disabled in different ways. He is a Double Amputee and Double Transplant Recipient. I have Degenerative Joint Disease, Osteoarthritis, and Legg-Calve Perthes. long story short, my weight-bearing joints are in really bad shape.

I’m new at this but I have done lots of research in preparation before booking my Cruise. I am currently booked on a Carnival 7 day Cruise to the Western Carribean in April of 2020. I have been doing all of my paperwork registration online etc. To answer your question about proof… The reservations for an accessible room goes thru a special desk/department. When you call Carnival to make your reservations a specialist will work with you to set everything up. I went thru a very nice lady name Althea Brown to do my booking then she connected me to the Accessibilities desk and they finished everything.

At the end of our discussion, the Accessibilities lady emailed me a form to fill out and send back along with my reservations and cabin confirmation information It asks about the type of equipment your bringing etc.

Also, I don’t know if anybody has told you but in some cases, it’s easier to go through Scooter Round and have a scooter or chair and any other medical equipment needed waiting for you at the ship. The crew can assist you with boarding. They have a few chairs on board for that purpose but it’s first to come first serve. BE SURE TO LET THE RESERVATIONS LADY KNOW YOU WILL REQUIRE ASSISTANCE BOARDING. This gets put on your ticket and I am told you don’t have to wait in long lines to board with the other passengers in your boarding time slot.

I know Carnival and I believe NCL use Scooter Round exclusively for safety purposes. They have wheelchairs, scooters, electric chairs and O2 equipment I believe. They deliver and pick up equipment in your port of call. Also, if you do have to bring your own chair make sure to read up on specifications for the batteries. The scooter/wheelchair must use a certain type of batteries. It also must breakdown easily for storage when not in use.

They will need the information from the questioner to decide which type of cabin to place you in when making the reservation. There are different types of accessible cabins. They will also need to know if you want 2 twin beds or 1 big bed. We got twin beds to make it easier to navigate since we are in an inside cabin this go around. Plus, we are just friends.

Once you are booked do a facebook search for your Cruise booking. There is already one for ours and it’s been up for several months. Cruise passengers apparently make friends in the group and the group meets up at some point on the Cruise. You can also ask questions about the ship, shore excursions etc. Usually, there will be returning Cruise Addicts.

Okay, I went longer than I had planned but was eager to help you if I could since I had learned all my knowledge by watching industry blogs and videos on YouTube and researching through Carnival website itself. If you have any more specific questions feel free to ask… Someone will answer. This group is great about that. Generally speaking, If someone knows or has any experience they share their knowledge.

I hope I helped you a little.
Happy Cruising!


*Hi it’s me again…lol :sunglasses::passenger_ship:
I almost forgot to mention if you are not near your cruising Port and have to fly to the Port, they STRONGLY recommend that you do all of your air travel the day before and stay the night close to the Port. However, if you do have to fly the same day and need a shuttle, you have to tell them when you make the arrangements that you need a shuttle with a lift. You will need to know the total weight of you and your chair.

I’m thinking I read the information about the shuttle on the Carnival website or the HUB (a very useful tool once you have booked your cruise. it can be downloaded in the google play store or the apple play store, plus they have it for PC available…) Your Carnival HUB app will go with you on the cruise and have lots of information and its FREE.

The advice about air travel to Port City, I’m getting from tons of experienced Cruisers. I’m driving down to Galveston, TX. which is our Port the day before, spending the night then eating breakfast and making our way to the ship. HOPEFULLY, there won’t be any stress that way.

I forgot to mention when you fill out your Accessible Cabin form you will need the dimensions and weight of your equipment (scooter/electric chair etc) if you’re bringing your own from home. The information for Scooter Round is on the Carnival Website.

Ok, that’s it for now, I promise!

Happy Cruising!


Just an FYI, Ada doorways measure 32 in across and standard staterooms are 22 inches. Your scooter or chair must be able to fit through the door. For this reason I had to rent mine rather than use my own. I rented it through a company that was recommended by Carnival called special needs at sea ,and they meet you before you go through security at the terminal.