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I am a parent of a Quad that is 25 years old. I also own the largest pediatric therapy clinic in Central Florida. https://www.abilityplustherapy.com So as I look out into traveling with my son it is limited or I have to take a ton of support with me which increase the cost of the travel along with the logistics of coordinating. Thus the vacation becomes a task of finding somewhere I can meet his basic of needs bathroom, bathing along with lifting a 25 year old who weighs 135 lbs who by NO fault of his own can help me. I have a complete Sure Hands lift system in my home that assist him and I only know of a few places ( none of which I want to go to) that have this system.

I have resorted to building a vacation home on the Little Tennessee River or North Carolina on a lake as an AirBNB with a lift fully assessable - including space for wheel chair and elevator with Sure Hands lift. I am sure I am not the only one looking for this but I can not find it.

Comment and let me know if you would be interested in something like this in these areas - I am looking into where you could drive to sites like Nashville and Ashville in North Carolina but be one the lake with views.

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Hi Laura!

Emily here from accessibleGO. Firstly, welcome to our forum - we are glad to have you! Thank you for your wonderful post. Many people have the same experiences, and we are thankful that you are willing to share them.

This sounds like a great idea! Have you started to build it yet? I think many people would be interested.

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We live in Chapel Hill, NC and love going to the mountains of NC, especially anything from Asheville on west. But the OP is right: finding accessible mountain properties - VRBO, AirBNB, etc. is impossible, and when you can find one, the rental price is astronomical! So I would be interested in knowing more about this property. My brother has a gorgeous cabin on a mountain top just south of Bryson City, but with so many steps and no ramps, we can no longer go there :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @laura! We posted this on our Facebook as well, as we loved the idea! Here’s a link to the post. Everyone in our community is very excited. :slight_smile: