Quebec City, Quebec


We will be cruising to Quebec in September. I cannot walk and travel with a scooter (will also a wheelchair available is needed). I want to take a tour of*St-Anne-de-Beaupre and can not find an accessible tour. Suggestions please.


Small advice,
Montreal is the least accessible city in Canada. However the Box Hotel is the best hotel 4 room accomodation and accessibility in Canada, on Ontario street I think.
Ste Anne ì don’t ķnow


I went to St Anne de Beaupre last year with a power wheelchair. I found the property to be fairly accessible. Ramps to get into the church, elevators, etc. Not sure about actual tours though. Staff was very helpful.


Try this link. It is a list of accessible transportation providers in Quebec City. Hope it helps.


Thank You for providing this link - I will definitely use it.