Question about malfunctioning scooters

I have had 2 scooters, both Pride GoGo Elite Travelers, and they have had the same problem. They have times when they slow down and speed up, kind of jerky. I tók the first to a repair place and was told it needed a new transmission for $800. So I bought a hardly used scooter for much less. It developed the same problem. I called Pride (again- 1st time with 1st scooter, didn’t know what was wrong) and was told it was the batteries, and to replace them. After 6 months, the jerky stuff started again. Any ideas, comments, suggestions greatly appreciated. Is it this brand? I think we got gel cell batteries. Is it worth getting lithium? Thanks.

I have used scooters for years and I had a similar problem. it was not the battery but something called the brushes - these were replaced and the scooter was fine since. I own a few scooters and have two with regular batteries and one with a lithium battery. The one with the lithium battery is very portable and i can take the battery in hand luggage when i fly. This is wonderful for travel. The down side is that if the battery goes flat it does do without warning - it just stops. There is no gauge. With the other scooters, the batteries are too heavy for flying but they have a indicator that lets me know when i need to charge. I hope this helps.

Thanks, Karen. How expensive was it to get the brushes fixed? Did you send the motor part to the company? I live outside of Boston. Does anyone know who repairs scooters around here?


Sorry, I don’t know about the cost. I live in Australia and the government covers the cost of scooter repairs.

Yes, I’m sure it’s different there.
Maybe in the next century, the US

Will have universal health care. I’m just trying to find someone who can fix it or tell me how. We visited Australia a few years ago. What a great country! My sister has a penal from when they were kids who lives in Melbourne, and came to meet us in Sydney. I want to go back and see more.:hugs: