Recliners or adjustable beds?


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Need recliner or adjustable bed from back injuries… Any hotels offer this ? Any chains make a general practice of making either option available?


I have found recliners in few hotels but I defy you getting back out of them. Usually junk.


Some places have them but in a few rooms only so no guarantees. They are not hospital beds though but more like the Tempupedic kind. I’ve never seen them in the accessible rooms though which doesn’t make sense…


We have a sleep number bed at home and I love it! I have lots of back injuries and lots more surgeries and it seems to work… well, it works better than my back. When we go to hotels I look for someplace with the firmest mattresses. I don’t want to get in bed and end up with a saggy butt! Here’s an article that I found that may help with you hotel decision. FWIW, we stay at mostly stay at Choice hotels and usually have good luck. Here’s the link. Hotels with best beds.

Good luck!