Recliners or lift chairs

Hello. Looking forward to using this site. My husband has Parkinson’s and uses a wheelchair. Aside from that he sleeps in a lift chair. We rarely find a recliner and when we do it’s usually very old and hard to work. Have had to make do with a regular chair. Not good.

My lift chair by Pride is also a power recliner

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My old Laz-Y-Boy recliner/lift chair gave up the ghost after 12 years and they no longer make a good one.

I bought a one with the Twilight feature and it is comfprtable to sleep in, but I am less than happy with it. You have to “reprogram” it about every 7-10 days by putting the back all the way back and the feet all the way up and while holding those two buttons down hitting the Twilight feature button. Otherwise it does not lift up high enough for me.

And, less than a year after receiving it, it has begun making a loud clicking noise during the lift cycle. A serviceman came out to look at it, under warranty, and said it needs a new lift mechanism. My wife’s identical chair bought at the same time is still fine, but I use mine a lot more than she uses hers.

Hi! About two years ago, I bought a deluxe lazy boy recliner that goes pretty far back and also forward to assistant standing in case that’s helpful. It’s worked flawlessly for me.

It wasn’t inexpensive, but it’s been reliable and I bought the service plan with it and have not had to use that. From my investigation, at least two years ago, their chairs were well-made, in the US, with an attention to quality in detail, and that’s what I’ve experienced.

It is two years later, so I hope things have not changed at La-Z-Boy as they have with many other manufactures. I hope this helps a little …

I have ALS and a spinal cord injury. I’ve the ALS made it hard to get out of the recliner we looked at lazy boy, Goldentech and Could other lift chairs. The lazy boy was the most comfortable but didn’t lift me enough to transfer to my wheelchair.

The Goldentech or Goldenrod was the best chair that liftrd0 me high enjoy to transfer we have had it for 8 years. I’ve slept many nights in it.

Recently the chapter had been screeching when I start the process to get out of the chair. I can lift my oversized body a little which lessens the subs so my dude can stay sleeping. I may go there now.


I have back problems. Believe it when i tell you i found a brand new never been used recliner . Manual operated for 50 bucks at a habit for humanity re store. Built in massager and heat included by lazy boy. They are always getting new stuff donated to them. You have to take it yourself or they provide a list of people who do.