Reclining electric chairs

From a community member:

Do you know of any hotels or resorts that have reclining electric chairs for people who are disabled who cannot lay down, but rather, sleep in a chair?

We have rented a power lift chair in Kissimmee in the past from a rental company. It was delivered, setup and picked up. We were even able to extend its stay when I ended up in the hospital. This company was very accommodating!


Most Candlewood Suites (IHG) have a manual recliner in all rooms. It’s good to check with the individual hotel as (1) not all do (2) the on-line reservation system has a long-standing glitch that doesn’t reserve accessible rooms correctly, so again, call and emphasize your need for an accessible room (if you need one).


This is wonderful information for those needing this for sleeping while traveling.

You might try Scootaround 888-441-7575 or Special Needs Group. (800)513-4515

This is a great question! I do not know of any but it would be great to see some available.