Recommendations for Germany - Mosel Valley

From a community member:

My wife and I love Germany especially the Mosel Valley and have been looking desperately for somewhere to stay which is wheelchair friendly.

It’s Pinky :fairy:, one of the Forum Moderator’s. Thought I would give this one a shot; but please bare with me. I’ve never been to Germany, don’t speak German and had to educate myself on where in Germany you were asking about. So I hope I got some hotels for you in the right places; I attempted to follow a map of the river and check hotels along the way and found you a few.

In case you weren’t aware already, in Germany they refer to Accessible rooms as Barrier-Free. Took me awhile to figure that out, but once I did; I started finding some. Some of these places only have 1-2 Barrier-free rooms, so make sure to try and book as far ahead of time as possible. You may need to email reservations to make bookings for those rooms; most of the websites don’t describe the rooms available as B.F. Ok, here goes nothing:

1.) Weinsbers Loge - this place looks cute.
2.) Augustus Hotel - I just had to share what was posted on their site: “TRAVEL FOR EVERYONE It was and is important to us that accessibility for people with mobility impairments, the bed+bike concept and the “hotel for everyone” concept were consistently implemented according to international standards. In 31 rooms (31% of the rooms) we are barrier-free classified, so that even severely disabled people are guaranteed to travel and stay with us. In addition, rooms for allergy sufferers are available in a separate wing.”
3.) Riesling Quarters - The hotel participates in a program called: "Comfort without barriers: Our Riesling district is designed in many areas to enable travellers, including seniors, people with restricted mobility or families with prams, to have a barrier-free holiday.
That is why we have been certified according to the guidelines of the “Travel for All” project (
4.) Hotel Dehren - They list it as “Handicap accessible comfort rooms” when you book.
5.) Goldene Traube - This place only has 1 barrier-free room
6.) Weinromantik Hotel: Richtershof - This place claims to have them, but you my need to ask reservations which type of room type that is.

Well… I hope at least 1 or two of these might work? My apologies again if I got the area wrong, this looked right on the map; but towns all were confusing to me. I can understand now why some folks were not racing to solve this one; you really gave us a challenge. Just promise me that you will come back and tell us which hotels you tried and how they worked? Maybe share with the Forum what you know about traveling in the Mosel Valley in a wheelchair? That would be AMAZING!

Please let us know if you need any additional help and we will give it our best. Have a fantastic trip.

Safe travels,
Pinky :fairy: