Recommendations for Philadelphia, NJ, Delaware and other places on the east coast

From a community member:

I’m looking for recommendations for accessible activities and places to stay in Philadelphia, NJ, Delaware and other places on the east coast please.

We have not been to Philadelphia to stay yet. We do love Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. We have stayed at the Breakers Hotel there. It isn’t right on the beach but is easy to access in a wheel chair for lots of restaurants and the beach. I didn’t use them but I heard that they do have some Beach wheelchairs to rent also. We ate in several restaurants there (Doghead Fish Brewery was a favorite). All the restaurants we went to were WC accessible.

Atlantic City was all WC accessible. A nice boardwalk.
Cape May NJ was a little tougher as the B & B’s were mostly old homes. But they had a fun dinneer theater.

Hey everyone, It’s Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum Moderator’s.
OMG…Welcome to Philly, my hometown and one of best cities in America; I would love to help get you started with some accommodations and activities in Philly (what the locals call is).

First, when it comes to accommodations; Philly is “The Town” for finding accessible hotels due to the size of our convention business in town. Now I know our city is known for its pre-colonial and colonial architecture, but in the last 20 years the city has come a long way into modernizing and building some newer hotels with ADA lodging. Here are a handful of some of the larger properties in our center city area: Philadelphia Center City Hotels.

As you can see, we have quite a few hotels now to choose from; just in the downtown area. Here is just a partial list of Accessible Hotel rooms in the city area: Philadelphia Accessible Hotels Verified. Most of those hotels are also listed on AccessibleGo with great prices and some with personal verification from other members of the hotels accessibility features.

As for “what to do” while visiting Philly… This Forum isn’t big enough for that list, however our friends at (who verified those hotels), have also put together for you a very detailed list of everything you need to know about what’s accessible in this city: Philly Accessible Guide. This guide has been very helpful for me living here because it lists some very specific details about what you need to know for gaining access to some of the very old locations in the city. This isn’t an exhaustive list and I always suggest calling the specific location before visiting to make sure everything is operating as listed (no broken elevators, closed access, parking blocked, etc).

Philly is a great city for people with disabilities to live and visit; yes… even with those old cobblestone street areas. In fact this week we celebrate our Philly Disability Pride with a weeks worth of events and HUGE parade on Saturday. So you can see, we are taken seriously in this town; which means visiting it will be much easier for you or the person you are traveling with.

Ok, done (for now) doing my Philly pitch. But I am here for you to answer any additional questions you may have? I’m going to leave the New Jersey and Delaware questions for our other members to answer as those are not as much my expertise. Hope you have a SPECTACULAR visit to my town and that you come back and tell us all about it afterwards?
Thank you so much for bringing your question to us at the Forum, hope we have been some help?

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

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