Recommendations for resorts that accommodate beach and pool access

From a community member:

I am looking for resorts that accommodate beach wheelchairs and with people who can help us in and out of pools as well as maneuver us around on beaches and in and out of the ocean.

My hometown of San Diego has beach wheelchairs but I don’t know about the resorts.

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Burleigh heads beach Australia has a ramp. San Antonio Texas has Morgan’s wonderland for kids with water wheelchairs.

Padre and Galveston both have chairs and programs

Hellooooo! Gosh I love the beach. I’m going in a week and a half, and I cannot wait. :slight_smile:

So it definitely depends on the state/area you’re looking in, and I can help provide more detailed info if the community member sees this response!

These days, many beach resorts, especially large, newer ones, will have beach wheelchairs or be associated with some sort of program that can help. With the program, you can have them drop off the type of beach wheelchair you need at your destination and then they will pick it up when you are done with your trip.

There also is a wide variety of beach wheelchairs these days, with power beach wheelchairs as well!

I know Florida had tried to make many strides over the past few years to make their beaches more accessible to all. Some more info here - Accessible Beaches and Parks in Florida

Happy to provide more specific info! But there are so many options out there!

Hi @patch. I traveled to Aruba in April. I stayed near Eagle beach in a condo resort. It was accessible enough for me, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who needs complete wheel through space as the bathroom was very small. However, there is an amazing paved path that runs along the beach (very close to the beach) for a few miles. It is amazing!! I literally felt like I was in a lounge chair on the beach! There are shops, restaurants and a couple bars along the way. I did see a sand wheelchair. You can rent them and the company brings it to you. I’m sorry I don’t have any information on the larger resorts to know if they have lifts. Mine didn’t and I had my brother in laws help me. There is only one company, that I know of, on the island that provides lift/accessible transportation. You have to make an appointment and it cost $75 from the airport to any resort. Hope this information is helpful to you. Hope you have a great time on your next adventure!