Recommendations wanted for cruise line where you can rent a scooter?

Can anyone recommend a great cruise line experience that’s hotel quality, where you can rent a scooter? Scooter company rentals recommendations also welcome!

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If you are looking for Hilton quality, the best I have been on is Disney. That said, cruises are just big hotels that happen to move from place to place. I go Carnival because that is what fits my budget. Having said that, there are quite a few folks on Carnival that get around on scooters. Most recharge outside in the hall because they don’t really fit inside a stateroom. I am not one of the “pretty people” so I only know about inside staterooms. But I have been in balcony and oceanview staterooms. They are really the same size. It is first come/first served, but every ship has a few handicapped accessible rooms. I think the big difference is roll in showers, but I have never been in one. Others might be better able to help you with that. If you want room for your scooter inside and are in a Hilton socioeconomic bracket, then look into suites. There are a variety of them. Some with deck access and some that only overlook the deck. Look at ship schematics to get an idea of the location and size of the suites that best serve your needs.

Personally, I would get a recommendation for a personal agent that can plan everything and smooth the way. PM me and I am happy to give you my dude’s info. He is the bomb! He makes things go smooth for me and I come fully equipped with a Service Dog (A real one and you have to present documentation to proove it.) and it looks like after my last cruise, I am going to request wheelchair accomodation, because those gangways really wore me OUT! He is very sensitive and kind. We do all our conversations via email because I am deaf.

I am sure you’ll have a great cruise.


We went on the American Queen Steamboat from Memphis to New Orleans and had a wonderful time. When we got to our room, the bathroom mirror was up too high for me to see in from my wheelchair. We told the wait staff about it and when we stopped in Vicksburg, they got off the ship and purchased a new mirror and when we returned to the room it was already installed and a fruit basket was left for us as an apology. I’m not sure if there is a scooter rental on board, but my wheelchair worked beautifully on the elevators and in the aisles. I would highly recommend the American Queen. And it is definitely hotel quality and a smooth ride on the Mississippi and great food!! We are anxious to go again on a different route.


Wow, @marymw46 that’s an incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for the detailed answer @brownthrasher. I’ve never even considered the dynamics of accompaniment with a service dog while aboard a cruise ship!

Does your dog handle the seas any different than land travel?

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Disney Cruise Lines are incredible.Food, entertainment and mini seminars onboard are geared to adults and families. Our first cruise after the stroke was on Disney’s newest ship the Fantasy. Our stateroom was fully handicapped accessible with roll in shower and a accessible balcony. It was by far the largest stateroom we had ever had. Highly recommend this cruise as the way to go.


We take our first cruise together in January. I’ll have to let you know how it goes.

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I don’t have time to read all the posts so I hope I’m not repeating information. I’ve never heard of a cruise line that rents scooters; however, I’ve rented scooters for years from Scootaround. They bring the scooter to the cruise terminal and someone places the scooter in your stateroom so it’s there when you open the door. After the cruise you leave the scooter in the stateroom and they take care of it. Never had any problems! There are 2-3 other companies and I’ve had problems with one of them (hint: the cheapest) but never with Scootaround.

If you need a scooter getting to your destination and need it for the sometimes lengthy check in process at the terminal, most larger cities rent scooters by the week and you could travel with it.

Hope this helps.


I went on a Disney Cruise and got the disabled accessible room. I rented a scooter from a local rental company in San Diego and it was waiting for me when we got to our room. The room was big enough to have the scooter inside to charge overnight and accommodate 3 adults. Because of where we cruised to, I wasn’t able to take the scooter off the ship for side trips. We went to Cabo San Lucas where you have to cross over to a tender boat, that rises and lowers with the water, to get into the port. You can’t take the scooter on it. I doubt if they’d even allow a wheelchair because the boats are small. Just be sure you are docking to where ever you are going or have another plan when you get there.

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Celebrity is my favorite cruise line. The best, friendliest service, exquisite food and amenities. Each cruise line has a durable medical equipment company that you can rent a scooter from. The companies vary from embarkation locations, but if you phone the line they will tell you who to use. Whatever equipment you rent will be waiting for you in your cabin once you board.


Scooter rentals at most ports and can be delivered to hotels prior to cruises. I have used both Special Needs Group as well as scootaround. I have been on both NCL and RCCL and find NCL more accessible(automatic cabin door which RCCL doesnt have) Cruise lines in my experience dont rent the scooters,oxygen or any medical supplies.


Im looking at a bucket list carnival cruise…inside room lol are there plugs in the hall? I have a nice rehab chair and a travel chair that can disassmble.(the battery even disconnects to charge without taking the whole chair and can fit in a car trunk etc). What port do you go from, how do you get from the airport to the port in a wheelchair?

Plugs: My real answer to your question is, “I don’t know.” I would anticipate that handicapped accessible rooms might have more plugs. But that’s an assumption. I use the CPAP and I bring my own extension cord and a splitter that allows three things to be plugged into the one AC plug in the cabin.

You’re not supposed to bring such devices on board. But because I label my suitcase that has that in it as medical equipment, they don’t seize it. Having never been able to cruise in anything other than an interior room, that’s all I know about. We constantly had devices being charged and my CPAP going and all sorts of other things the whole five days we were on the ship. Just got off this last Saturday. I do know that most ships only have nine cabins that are handicapped accessible and they are assigned on a first come first serve. So you might have to go all the way to the end of the year or even 2020 in order to find an accessible cabin available.

I saw a fair number of wheelchairs, typical ones, in the hallway being stored just outside the room. The people who had scooters had some kind of a local port arrangement with a service provider there. But you don’t get the scooter until you get on to the ship. There’s a logic there I’m sure. There were some motorized wheelchairs that I saw in use. I also noticed that some of the scooters were not able to be gotten into a normal interior room. Since all the doors are hatchways and are metal, there is little chance of sliding a cord up underneath a door to the outer hallway.

I have a really nice travel agent that works with me about ensuring I have the things I need when bringing my service dog or any other issues. He’s a real sweetie. If you’re interested PM me and I’ll give you his contact info.

Scooters have some problems getting into the elevators. It’s real easy to overload the elevators, or to find out how friendly people are not towards those with limited mobility. It’s a bit exasperating to wait and wait and wait on an elevator and when it finally comes, it has a scooter and three people plastered to the walls. No room for anyone else or the elevator will not move because there’s too many people in there.

If I had your limitations, I would just get a suite. You would have a little more elbow room. Of course you might have to save longer in order to afford that kind of option. Since I’m hearing impaired, I “talk” to my travel agent via email and then he phones Carnival on my behalf.

The staff in the dining room are really nice about removing the normal chair so you can get your scooter/wheelchair/whatever right up to the table. I saw where some people were able to be seated and then they’re bulky will chair was moved, with their consent, to a spot that would be less likely to trip up a waiter.

As an FYI, I found the state rooms in the very very back of the ship to be the most stable ones I have ever sailed in. The ones closest to the front of the ship are very herky jerky. I think you’d want to know that. A lot of people have different opinions about that. I won’t be cruising for a little while because of financial considerations. However I’m going to seek the very back of the ship cabins for my next adventure. I hope that somehow, someway this information has been helpful.

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I just went on my first cruise this past summer on the Carnival Horizon . I wasnt going to use my own scooter or wheelchair ,if anything happens with your own equipment your out of luck. So I rented . Scootaround is the company I used . They are very reliable they now do the majority of the cruise lines here in the U.S.
There are 2 ways to rent from them .
1 they deliver it to the ship . Now if your flying into your port or you live someplace where you cant travel with a scooter to the port this is your first option. Bear in mind if anything is wrong with the scooter or its non functional then you might have a problem . Luckily scooter round puts extra scooters on board.
2 option 2 is what I did I live in nyc and I was leaving from nyc so I had them drop the scooter off at my home 2 days before . I was glad I did because they delivered the wrong one and it gave me time to have them come back out with the right one

We used Pnincess cruises in Feb 2019 for the Caribbean. I was Ok to walk with a walker at first. But by the time I got to the ship I couldn’t. So we were able to rent a wheelchair from the ship. That went well but my husband was worn out from pushing me around.