Renting vehicle with attached trailer for wheelchair

My husband uses a regular wheelchair and has an electric chair. We are flyng to Rapid City, SD in October and are looking to rent a vehicle that has the trailer or lift on the back. We would like to rent a mini-van. Do regular car rentals at airports have these?

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Unfortunately that is something I have not heard of…

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I have used the group in MI, good folks.
Looking at it, not a local office in Rapid City but check with nearest couple and see what they have to say.


I do not think so, look up a mobility company in the area you are traveling to and ask them maybe??Good luck.

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I attempted to rent one at my local airport but to no avail. I had exhausted the yellow pages online and had talked to numerous places and was referred to Enterprise at our airport. Went there and after waiting in line spoke with a lady at their desk who said they did not have any handicapped accessible vehicles but see gave me a toll free number she had been told could handle that. WRONG! That number rang at a airport repair number somewhere in NM. I called her and told her to throw away thst number because it was useless. I never found a rental place until I located a conversion business located about an hour and a half away. They only had 1 or 2 vehicles they rented out. Fortunately someone who had one of the units turned it in early because his vehicle had been repaired.
I tried many numbers and called all the normal rental places and got no where. I wish you luck. I know there are companies who do this but from my research they are in limited areas.

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Hi hi! Emily here from accessibleGO.

All of the information above tends to be accurate from what I’ve found and heard. However, it seems there are a couple options in Rapid City, SD.

There’s two that seem promising - Black Hawk and Casey’s Auto Rental. They both offer rentals of handicap vans in the area.

Black Hawk recommends to call for more info and rents for $150/day. It seems to be more of a local place, and I’m unsure of any reviews. It seems they have a variety of vans to rent, which is great!

Casey’s said on one part of the site they have accessible vans, but then I wasn’t seeing it in another section. They included this on their site -

We offer a wide variety of rental cars whether your touring the black hills on vacation or have family and friends visiting and need a bigger vehicle we have your needs covered . Feel free to call us if you have any questions . we offer free pick with in 10 miles so if your at the pilot truck stop , bosselmans truck stop or one of the areas camp ground or local motels/hotels we can pick you up. We also offer after hours pick up (for a fee)

Hope this helps!!

Hello all! We have reserved an accessible van via Black Hawk in Rapid City. They are delivering the van to airport and will pick it bsck up from there. It’s $850 for the week. We are going in October so I’ll report back on how it went! Thank you for all the tips.

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Awesome! Have an amazing time. We can’t wait to hear all about it!