River Boat Cruise in Europe best for mobiliy

Hi eveyone, My name is Laurie and I’m looking for suggestions on River Boat Cruise Lines. We have wanted to do this for years. I have mobilty issues and optic nerve atrophy in both eyes. I’m ready to roll!

I checked into these a few years ago and was not able to find one for disabled passengers. There are areas with stairs that do not have wheelchair access. Most of the lines are very open that that are unable to accomodate passengers with wheelchairs or scooters. I was also disappointed that many of the included excursions were via bicycle.
I hope you are able to find a line that is accomodating. I’ve been waiting for something like that to become available too.

Smaller older ships, which most River cruises are not very handicap accessible; stick to the big newer cruise ships.

They don’t exist because of how they tie the vessels together at the docks. If you want an accessible river cruise, it will have to be in the US. Check out American Cruise Lines.

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Hello, the question is it really good one. I can tell you my wife and I just got back from a river cruise in June on American cruise lines. The cruise was fantastic, the room we got was very large and I was able to bring my student into my room. It was a walk-in shower with a handicap toilet. I asked if they had an additional handicap suction blind for the shower and they went out and bought me one. I will say that they were very accommodating physically to help me in every port disembarking the ship. I will also save the ports of call a wonderful but the ramps and walkways from the boat to the main roads section are horrible and dangerous. You just have to keep asking for assistance and they will help you. In each port they have golf carts and were able to take you up to where the buses were for transportation to each location. My scooter fit under the bus storage area no problem for me. Making certain for others is whether or not they can walk the stairs up to the level of seating in the coach bus. If you can’t climb the stairs then you definitely have a problem. I would call them and inquire as to what Excursions to take, the weather and the availability of staff. We were very impressed with the deck hands who offered this since your help, and the dining staff who tried their best to accommodate as much as they could. The food on the ship was not wonderful by no means. It was an adventure in dining. I will say many people go on the ships to drink. The amount of alcohol that was available was unbelievable. It never dawned on me how much people drink all day long. Enough of that. There were two elevators on the ship we were on of which one worked for three days into the trip and then died and the other one thank goodness worked continuously. Your bus drivers depending on what excursion you take a fantastic knowledgeable and very friendly willing to help you with any situation. Being disabled they took extra care to accommodate me after I get off my scooter and board thr tour bus. Also difficult for someone with disabilities but worth giving a try. Good luck

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Viking River cruises do not allow motorized chairs/scooters
No elevators, narrow hallways
Viking ocean cruises do allow them but you have to submit paperwork for approval

So disappointing! I hope someday soon a river line opens. Thanks for the info

I also found no river cruises in Europe that would take scooters. They allow wheelchairs, but only to use off the ship and you have to be able to walk on an off the ship which is typically docked side to side with other boats. We have a 60 lb foldable scooter that Viking approved for ocean cruises where there are accessible cabins. You may have to book accessible shore excursions outside of the cruise line. Those cruise line shore excursions booked on the ship listed as accessible require you to climb stairs onto the bus. You mighr want to check out Sage Travels:

Glad to hear you had a good time. Thanks for sharing. I don’t do stairs gracefully and i dislike being around people that make an art out of drinking all day. elevators that do not work and ifie food are big red flags to me.