Rome hotels and sights

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I found this article, hope it helps. Accessible Rome - how to visit Rome with limited mobility | romewise


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The thing I liked about Rome is that in my wheelchair I and my husband got into museums for free. It was a big money saver. I couldn’t get into all the areas of the Colosseum but I saw enough.

At the Uffuzi they took me out of line and took me across the street to another private entrance that had an elevator . It was a so nice of them.

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My wife and I were in Rome just prior to Covid in 2019. The Italians were very accommodating and they are very wheelchair conscious and hence, helpful.

Similar experience at the Colosseum and yes a money and time saver being in a chair.

A big issue though is the cobblestone streets which really drain the batteries due to the extra grunt required to overcome the constant bumping. Fortunately I took my battery charger and was able to reharge at the Colesseum with assistance from the Colesseum Guards.

Free public transport a bonus.

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