Rome tour recommendations?

From a member of our community:

We are going to Rome in October 2022. Can you recommend someone who offers excursions or tours in that area? I will be using an Air-Hawk folding powerchair and my able bodied husband will be with me. Any information is greatly appreciated.

We went to Rome and took an organized tour by
The guides were terrific and interesting. Before I traveled, we corresponded and they arranged special parts of the tour for each person in the family.
To get around, especially the small alleys and fountains, they had a cart with a driver (as well as the guide). The driver would get very close to sites and I had the option to step out and see them closer or just stay on the cart.
They also guided me through the Colosseum via the accessible portions and the parts I could not do, they gave and overview and then took the rest of the family and left me a comfortable place to wait.
I know it sounds odd to take a kids tour but I called them originally with the thought that if they can handle strollers and kids then they would be able to help me. I think this is a niche part of a bigger business for them.

Hi, It’s Russell :sunglasses:; one of your new AccessibleGo Forum Moderators.

Rome is going to be AMAZING! :classical_building: And October will be a beautiful time to visit too. Before I get to the tours, I noticed you said you are going to be using an AirHawk folding wheelchair while visiting; and I wanted to double check some safety stuff about the chair, because I want to make sure how it will handle Rome’s ancient cobblestone pathways and very narrow (and sometime steep) roads. :person_in_motorized_wheelchair: Please be careful with your ground clearance (3.9"/10cm) with the roads and the inclines of the hills :mountain:(12.44 Degrees Max with AirHawk).
Now on to the tours. I found 2 really interesting options for you that have devised some great ways to get you better access to areas where it usually would be difficult for a normal wheelchair our even the tour van to visit. Also, you can book accessible tours directly at the :vatican_city: Vatican or Accessible tours directly at the Colosseum.

Rome and Italy Tours: They have this great device called the “Wheely Trekky” to get you to some really tricky to get to places. Had fantastic reviews.

My Best Tour: In order to access areas that vans, and minibuses can’t reach; they have several special adapted golf carts that can carry the wheelchair (so you can use the AirHawk too). There’s a chart on their website that shows the different configuration options. :chart:

Yes, I do recognize the tour prices are expensive :scream:; and I apologize for that. Unfortunately, that is the situation in most European countries that have wheelchair tours (and in the Caribbean). Usually due to the fact there only a few companies in an area, and they know the demand outweighs the available resources. That being said, if you want to book a tour; I would book it sooner than later :stopwatch:, so you don’t end up without any options. Probably might want to do the same if you decide to book directly at the Vatican and Colosseum instead of through an outside tour group.

Thankfully with the AirHawk, you can use a standard taxi :oncoming_taxi: instead of needing a specialty vehicle; in order to reach attractions. That gives you more options. I am also including this link with a lot of information about Accessible locations in Rome to visit and some (they also endorsed the same tours and a couple others I didn’t find good reviews for from others). RomeWise: “Accessible Rome”

I hope you have a fantastic time in Rome and I have to give one piece of my own personal; “eat like it’s the last day on earth for your stomach” while you are there :spaghetti: :shaved_ice: :oyster: :custard: :wine_glass:. My spouse has been to Rome and has not stopped talking about the food since we met a few decades ago. Try everything you can fit… and then eat a little more. When’s the next time you will be in Rome? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I can be of any other assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on the Forum at AccessibleGo (and don’t forget to sign-up for the Forum so we can hear all about your trip when you get back). Can’t wait (even if it’s all food stories; just remember where you were able to get into for us too).

Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

-Russell :kissing_heart: