RV Rental - Fresno

From a community member:

Would you happen to know where we could rent an RV with a lift in Fresno?

try this link. Guide to Wheelchair Accessible RVs & Motorhomes - Wheelchair Travel

Hi hi! We had a wonderful, extensive post on RVs a couple weeks back! While not specific to Fresno, I feel it had a ton of wonderful information that I would recommend checking out if you’re interested in accessible RV life. Finding a wheelchair accessible camper or RV

Here’s a snippet of what Pinky posted previously!

NewMobility Magazine (free publication from United Spinal) randomly runs articles about RV life with mobility challenges and in one of them they gave a great list of where to find one:


Other RV Resources:
Dick Gore’s RV World
RV Trader
HTC Travel Club
Consider Airstream RV Travel

  • Craigslist - (Search Locally unless you want to travel to pick it up)
  • Ebay - (Search Locally unless you want to travel to pick it up)

This is defiantly not a definitive list but will give you a good start and give you an idea on prices and availability. If you looking to order a new one and plan to customize it, be prepared there may be delays or waiting lists right now; as the RV manufacturers have the same types of backlogs as the car manufacturers. Don’t be afraid to buy a pre-owned too. Sometimes you can get real lucky because someone buys one, tries it out and hates it; and then is desperate to get rid of it.

Here are a couple of those articles for you too:

I just know you are going to love RV life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:; its the best!


Hi, It’s Pinky :fairy:; your other Forum Moderator. Thank you so much for sharing my post about the RV research I had done; I was just about to do the same thing and repost that.

I didn’t have any luck on finding a specific vendor in Fresno that has an RV with a lift. However, I did come across a page on RVshare for Accessible RV’s; I’m just not understanding exactly how to filter down the results to find the ones with the lifts.

Hoping you have better skills with figuring it out, just in case there is something in there for rent for you?

If I hear of any more resources, I will make sure to update you here an on that original post.

Thank you for your patience with us; sometimes we get a little stumped on some solutions.

Good Travels,
Pinky :fairy:

I’m a quad from the Midwest. I searched for over 10 YEARS. There used to be a company in Cali that rented them. They no longer do. There’s a company in Calgary, Canada but i had numerous problems with them. So i started my own company. I have a class A gas unit. Unlike mod RVs, mine was built AT the factory with accessibility in mind. But I’m located in central Illinois. Email me if you’re still interested sntlarr@hotmail.com. hope this helps.