Scent / fragrance / chemical free rooms

From a community member:

What is your experience with finding hotels that have scent / fragrance / chemical free rooms (due to allergies or other sensitivities)? Are there any hotels/chains that you would recommend?

The only experience I had was just the opposite. Stayed at a Wydham and they were burning incense at the Front Desk and it was overpowering; it almost nauseous and I am not sensitive to scent. I said something to the young man on duty and he apologized but he had been told to do so by his manager so his hands were tied. He told me it was making him sick. I told him it was very offensive because it was so strong but there were also people who were highly allergic to it or others who had pulmonary issues that would prevent them from entering the hotel. I had a friend with emphysema who could not have gone into that lobby because of that scent. I do not know why the manager was insisting but I was glad I was only there 2 nights.
I am not aware of any particular hotels that are anti scent but your best chouce is to call tte particular hotel you are considering and ask to speak with the manager and ask your questions or express your concerns

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Thank you for your question about finding hotels that are fragrance/chemical/scent free. It forced me to do a little homework and learn more about what is out there. I found several ideas for you.

First, there is a company called Pure Wellness who has started working with a bunch of hotels around the country to create hotel rooms for guests with these needs. Part of their process for the rooms is to:
“The process involves stripping the existing rooms of mold, dust and pollen with “high ozone shock treatments,” cleaning carpets and draperies, applying a “bacteria static barrier” to all surfaces, adding air purifiers, and replacing the sheets and blankets with mold and spore-proof bedding.”

To make things even easier, the Pure Wellness folks have a hotel directory you can access that lists hotels in their program.

If you have the South Florida bug and are dying to find a safe place down there, there is a hotel and residence called the Natural Place, which was specifically designed “for People with Moderate Allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)”.

Deep Dish pizza and great Jazz calling to you? The Four Seasons Chicago has introduced a Hypoallergenic Suite for its guests with allergy issues. The suite isn’t listed on the general reservations, so you probably have to call-in for the room reservation.

Lastly, I found a few independent vacation home rentals that pride themselves as being fragrance-free. I think this web page is just a collection of the few on VRBO, because I saw those while searching that site for you too. There may be more on Airbnb too but thought I would start with this and see if it helps.

I hope this is enough to get you started. There may be more listing also on Facebook or other social media sites which I don’t have access to search. I hope you find a fabulous vacation and if you need help with making any reservations, just let us know and we will have one of the AccessibleGo booking agents contact you and the hotel. Whichever you do pick, do you mind coming back to the Forum and sharing with us your experiences? There are defiantly others with the same issue who want to travel on here.

Thank you for coming to the Forum for assistance.
Have a great trip. :flight_departure:
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