Scooter charging in ports

Can anyone tell me that when I am in a port on my mobility scooter (San Juan, Amber Cove and Grand Turk) that if I should need to plug in for a recharge, will my plug I use at home work in these ports or do I need to purchase an adapter?

Hello. I would suggest that you purchase an international charger just to be on the safe side and you will always have the charger while traveling. Have fun

I bought an international adapter, but, you will also need a converter (which no one tells ya) because other countries use 240 volts and most of what we use in USA is 110. so if you dont get a converter, you risk blowing up that which you are trying to charge and making it totally useless. So Amazon sells a converter/adapter for about $25. Well worth it.


My family is thinking about taking a cruise as well later this year or summer 2023 from the United States. What is the difference in the converter/adapter you stated in your comment and an international charger; that the other person mentioned in their comment?

An adapter is the charger-- just another word for it-- but the converter is the game changer for real. Because Europe will most likely have 220/ 240 volts in their plugs-- I mean the first time I traveled I didnt have a converter and I blew up my blow dryer and hair straightener because they were only 110.Lucky I didnt blow up my laptop.

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Thanks. Probably the smartest idea!

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Well, that is a must know! Thank you so much. I had no idea!

Check this site for voltage in chosen country and plug configuration. Adapters are easily bought on Amazon.


Awesome! That was very useful. I do not need one for my cruise! Thank you so so much!

I always use a scooter when cruising. I take a multi plug electric cord with me and plug it into the outlet in my stareroom. Before going to sleep each night I plug in my scooter and by mirning it has ajways been fully charged. I have used it all day both on and off the ship and have never had an issue with low battery.

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Great! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Thank You for the information