Scooter Delivery to airport?

Question from a member of our community:
Seems like most scooter rentals only deliver to homes or hotels, are there any that deliver to airports?
thank you!

I have only felt with a company that delivers to cruise ports and staterooms but they may fo airports. I use Special Needs at Sea. They have a website and when I Googled them air travel was mentioned. Try their website; I have used them multiple times and have never been disappointed. I have used them where they delivered and picked up right from my stateroom in same port departure/arrival but also used them departing east coast FL and arriving west coast of WA. Many options from which to choose.

Not that I have located. They seem to want a home address in case of theft and verify You actually live there. Some hotels will arrange for the delivery if you call ahead of time and specify when and how long the rental is.

If you are asking specifically about Mexico, the shortest contract I have seen is thirty days.

BTW getting around Mexican towns due to uneven sidewalks, little to no true access ramps , and cobblestone roads it is a hassle for scooters and wheelchairs. They are upgrading slowly and without a true idea about how to go about the build process. Ramps too
steep, sidewalks with steps and too narrow etc. I have a scooter we leave in the trailer because it is a pain in the neck traversing. Big towns like Merida, parts of Cancun Guadalajara and Mexico City are ok.

Also Puerta Vallarta has installed Mexico’s first beach designed for the disabled. Large tire beach scooters for rent, boardwalks into the water etc. Have not been yet but looks enticing…no dogs for any reason tho allowed on the beaches.

Check with the companies that you call for rentals

I have two light weight electric wheelchairs – and love both of them:

An Electra 7 – and an AirHawk

Joel Gilgoff

Sedona, AZ

Scoot Around also does delivery to Cruise lines and Hotels so you might try them. That seems to be the majority of their business so you might get lucky that they handle all aspects of travel needs.

Best of luck.

Jennifer Cross