Scooter rental in Cancun?

From a member of our community:

I’m traveling to a resort in Cancun, Mexico and need to find a rental company that could deliver a motorized scooter to the resort. Does anyone have recommendations?

You might try contacting ting the concierge at the resort where you will be staying; on my last trip to NYC when I heeeed a scooter I called the hotel’s concierge and he gave me the name and phone number for a company and I called and areanged to have 1 delivered to the bell captain’s stand. On tte day I departed I returned the scooter to the bell captain and the rental company picked it up from there. I just Googled Cancun and mobility scooter rental and lots of info popped up including ratings from Trip Advisor.

Call Scootaround. They deliver to homes, hotels, and cruise ships, so possibly.


My cousin rented a scooter in Cancun from

If they can’t do it try:

Special Needs: 800-513-4515

Care Vacations: 877-478-7827

Good luck and enjoy Cancun.


Go to Expat Living in the Yucatan in groups on Facebook. Someone there might know.

I am not sure if you have ever been to Cancun or the surrounding areas. Cancun is not wheelchair or scooter friendly. It was hostile with a cane and walker. Sidewalks tend to be narrow and crowded with both vendors stuff and people. Accessible
ramps for chairs onto sidewalks were too narrow for a walker. We have stayed at a resort in Play del Carmen and one in Cancun. We were assured both were accessible. They were not. There were stairs and steps and gravel walkways to contend with. Be forewarned
the beds at the resort’s tend to be really hard unless you are staying at Hilton or Marriott. The beds are a cement base with a mattress. We took to always bringing an air mattress with us.

If you run into issues and need guidance you can always ask a police officer (many speak English) have fun and bring plenty of sunscreen (many places only let you wear the eco friendly sunscreen to protect the corals) and a hat.

Two years ago I stayed at The Hard Rock Cafe Hotel Resort. I think travel agent made the arrangements and mobility scooter was at the front desk when I arrived. It was great I could go anywhere, all around the pool, in all of the restaurants. Only place that I couldn’t go was on the beach. When we left it was picked up at the hotel.