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Scooter rental in Massachusetts?

From a member of our community:

Any recommendations for where to rent a mobility scooter in Massachusetts?

Here is the link to our resource list of equipment rental companies serving Boston, some of which are national and may deliver across the state. We also posted this question on our Facebook page here :slight_smile:

I live in MA, and have looked into rental scooters for travel. Scootaround is the most reasonable, and they have been good to work with. If you are near a city where they deliver directly, that is best. If not, there may be a surcharge because they work with local companies. It can be worth renting from these places directly if the surcharge is high. They will call to arrange the rental so you’ll know who they are. There are limits to where they deliver. Homes and hotels are fine. Airports are no. (They do a lot of business with cruise ships and delivery to the ships. In other countries their prices can be much higher.) Good luck.

Susan Atlas